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The Real Ronaldo has retired

Mar 09, 2011 @ 08:56
Actually, lololol..

When I said Maradona and Pele were no comparison at all, I was saying that Pele is on an entirely different level and you can't compare Maradona to him.
Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:09
Actually, lololol..

When I said Maradona and Pele were no comparison at all, I was saying that Pele is on an entirely different level and you can't compare Maradona to him.

You sound like a homer. Oh wait, you are.

Maradona > Pele

And it's not even close.
Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:30
lol? "not even close"

Maradona didn't do half of what Pele did, Pele wasn't just a player he was a god amongst men. I'm sorry but this isn't even my Brasilian side talking..

I compare Maradona to Garrincha, if anything.

Regardless, people saying Messi is better than Maradona is pretty ridiculous.

In terms of top 20 players of all time, I can think of 2 players from 2000s who would make that list. Zidane and Ronaldo.
Mar 09, 2011 @ 12:55
Brazil you're my favorite poster by far but to be honest, I don't think pele's talent comes close to maradona's. The reason for that is cuz Pele played only in brazil, at a time when football was starting to get competitive. The training back then wasn't as arduous as it was during maradona's time. Pele also had an excellent supporting cast when he won the world cups whereas Maradona's Argentina relied solely on him as the main offensive option. Maradona was also the most complete passer the game has ever seen; he could slow down the tempo of the game by his direct passes sorta like a present day riquelme but far better. And his dribbling was tremendous, I saw the games maradona played in his last season at boca (tv) n believe me, it was still nearly impossible for defenders to tAke the ball away from him. He shielded the ball with such tact, damn.. N he played in Napoli, at a time when Napoli was being relegated, maradona came in took that team to glory. Pele is great, no doubt, I just think people buy into the hype too much because he scored 1000 goals. Maradona may have scored 300, but if u add up the assists, he prolly had more than 700 options at creating goals.
Mar 09, 2011 @ 14:51
Yeah I understand what you're saying..and I agree Maradona is one of the greatest players of all time. In fact, my top 3 starts as such..

1. Pele
2. Maradona
3. Garrincha

And like you said about different time periods, and it's true Maradona played in the 80's, took Argentina to a World Cup in 86' and Napoli to a UEFA Cup in 89'..however in Pele's time..players moving around to big European clubs wasn't a very common occurrence. In fact, when Pele won his first World Cup at 17 years old, he was only the 6th highest paid player at Santos. Back then it was about football, and not huge contracts. He only got a renewed contract 2 years later, so different times. In fact Napoli was able to buy Maradona simply for the fact of big money investors who came in to rescue Napoli..and he did a damn good fucking job of doing so and I applaud Maradona. (Also this isn't a Argentinian / Brasilian hatred, I think Maradona is class mostly because he's real and doesn't try to be someone he's not) I just feel on and off the field Pele accomplished more in the world of football than any other player ever, including Maradona. Fortunately for both Pele and Maradona they played in an era that was heavily marketed, which in the end is what allows one player to be considered better than an equal counter part..AKA; Why 95% of football fans around the world probably don't know who Garrincha is.
Mar 09, 2011 @ 15:03
I've seen ol tapes of Garrincha. Dude was a beast, a true winger that had the audacity to present defenders the ball then effortlessly fool them n leave em on the ground by sheer hip movement n remarkable speed. He was also Pele's idol.

See the thing we're discussing is greatest offensive player. A lotta people misconstrue n undermine the defender, which by the way shouldn't be the case because playin central is a shitload of responsibility.

Brazil has had some of the best offensive players imo. Forward, midfield...i'm still a bit confused as to who's the best forward in history. On the one hand, I got ronaldo who was just physically incredible n had great technique n on the other, i have Romario who may not have been as physically imposing as Ro but was far cleverer. Romario was an incredible finisher, a shame that the younger generation completely disregards him but he was dope.. Also, i think the times ronaldo n romario played, romario had scored more goals in that brief period..what do u think, if u were to choose between the two who would it be?
Mar 09, 2011 @ 15:54
Yeah, Garrincha was next level..


It's funny, in this clip at 2:20 people say that in modern football that the defenders would never start walking blah blah blah, but in reality that clip was taken in the final minute of the Quarters and the Czech defender is asking Garrincha "Haven't you done enough?"

On what you said about defense is funny, because Brasil's best defense has always been it's Offense. All of our best defenders have been "Attacking Defenders" Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Nilton Santos etc. We never really had a Beckenbauer for example.

Now in regards to Ronaldo v Romario, the play styles like you said are so different. Theres a couple things that makes them different for one Ronaldo was never afraid to score a "ugly" goal, theres tons of clips of him putting it right on top of the keeper taking deflections and going in. Also, it's tough to find a clip of Ronaldo ever heading a ball in to the back of the net, for him it was take it on the chest and hold it with his strength. I do agree with you too..Romario was much more clever, in Brasil when talking about Romario the first thing that comes out of peoples mouths are usually "Cold Blooded" He'd take the ball in to the 18 yard, and start walking around he didn't give a fuck. Also Romario's ability to jump and head balls was amazing, especially for someone of his size. In the end I would say it's a tie, but due to the amount of marketing help Ronaldo received in the eyes of the football world he's greater.
Mar 10, 2011 @ 06:07
Maradona's achievements at Napoli > Pele's career

Mar 17, 2011 @ 14:17
Mar 17, 2011 @ 20:01
ronaldos the best who had the original cleats the silver blue n yellows
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