I have decided to start a weight log for you people interested in the fat burner.

I will update this every week, I am not interested in making a diet log with this, takes too much time, but remember I am watching my diet during this & also working out (weights/cardio). I am taking this as suggested (3 caps 30-45 mins. before breakfast & 3 caps 30-45 mins. before lunch).

Just as a reference my macros are (50prot/30carb/20fat)

**I weigh myself in the mornings, right when I wake up or before I shower.

Week 1: Tues. FEB 08 2011
-WT: 169 lbs.
-BF%: 17%

Week 2: Tues. FEB 15 2011
-WT: 162 lbs.
-BF%: ?

Week 3: Tues. FEB 22 2011
-WT: 163 lbs.
-BF%: ?

Week 4: Tues. MAR 1 2011
-BF%: Taking it this day

I won't be able to calculate the BF% every week since I don't have the calipers or the machine, I will probably get one soon.

** I will also put in my workout (cardio/weight) logs (M/W/F)