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The Official Longboarding Thread

Apr 21, 2009 @ 21:57
Since there is an official skateboarding thread...I figured why not spread the stoke for longboarding as well? smokeyface

Here's mine

Dervish - Flex 2
Paris 180mm Trucks
Otangs InHeat
Khiro Bushings

And here are my two pairs of slide gloves:

Anyone else?
Apr 29, 2009 @ 20:21
thats a fucking sick board, i have a kind of shitty setup right now, gotta renovate.
Apr 30, 2009 @ 15:19

board is fap worthy though.
Apr 30, 2009 @ 17:05
thats a fucking sick board, i have a kind of shitty setup right now, gotta renovate.

haha thanks.

why'd you link me to that thread freshy? ?)
May 01, 2009 @ 14:47
^^cuz theres some nice pics of other boards and shit in there in case anyone was wondering....should have thought up "official longboarding thread" never the less thnx for makin this
May 03, 2009 @ 00:32
ooh haha yeah I saw that thread too, but yeah np. it'd be great to get more people stoked about longboarding
May 03, 2009 @ 11:44
Loaded Vanguard 42" Flex 2, Paris Trucks, Gumball wheels for now...

longboarding is fun as shit but theres not a ton of kids in my town who do it the couple that do are like super serious leatehrs & downhill aerodynamic helmet type kids hahah.

May 03, 2009 @ 15:29
^^same here..i get mad weird looks from kids while im skatein around they're all like "wtf why is your board huge?" i hate it.
May 03, 2009 @ 17:07
bout time we get a longboard thread. im ridin a vanguard that i've put through hell for the last 3years. thinkin about gettin a cerviche, looks like fun.

on another note, anyone trickin on thier board? im bustin slides, and nose pivots but thats about it
May 03, 2009 @ 18:24
im working on slides i do alot of downhill and crosstepping just cruising getting it down so it looks super solid, other then that like boneless type shits working on shuv-its
May 03, 2009 @ 19:16
never really been into the whole sliding thing mostly carving and downhill speed runs for me.
May 04, 2009 @ 11:12
lol once you get into sliding you're going to want more! at least that's with me. I'm starting to get the stand up slides down a little better as my otangs wear in a little more, but too bad I have to send them back because of their recall. Hopefully I'll get their new freeride wheels to replace them so I don't have to break in another pair of wheels to get back into sliding blushing
May 04, 2009 @ 18:26
neone try to downhill on a mini long b4?
May 04, 2009 @ 20:54
is that blood on your board, ska?

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

May 04, 2009 @ 22:14
is that blood on your board, ska?

lol yes,

and I dont fux with mini's. what size we talking?
May 04, 2009 @ 22:34
damn bro, that's hardcore.


As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

May 05, 2009 @ 13:48
never really been into the whole sliding thing mostly carving and downhill speed runs for me.

yea, downhill is still my addiction.
May 05, 2009 @ 16:12
Finally got my board on Friday night and haven't had a chance to really ride since it's been wet since Saturday morning and will be wet until like Friday. Here are some bad pictures but hopefully when it's sunnier outside, I'll get better pictures.

XVD Croc
Paris 180mm
Blank 70mm 83a

Got it on May 1st but it's been raining/wet since. A long-awaited dry day has come today to take pictures.
Click for bigger pictures and more information. Thanks to xvdlongboards for making me this.

May 09, 2009 @ 19:40
went out bombing hills with a freind today was pretty nice out and roads were nice and dry.

story of the day: coming down this pretty steep street on my way home from pizza place and some jerk off 40 year old comes flying out of his driveway on his bicycle and almost clips me and he looks at me like wtf you doin? as he peddls down the street feeling all badass i start pumping and geting my drop knee going on to catch up with him and so i come up behind him and start carving and near missing him for shits and giggles. pretty fun at the time
May 16, 2009 @ 01:22
^lol that sounds fucking rad man

hahahah my friend trying to manual down a little incline, got fucked up shortly after this clip

this is our little longboard chill spot during the summer. theres a pretty steep hill @ that top that goes down to that straight away/parking lot and then a lil uphill on the otherside to slow down. to the left at the end of that road in the next pic is an epic fucking hill straight into traffic, but still rad. all of this with water on both sides haha pretty chill

another friend

May 17, 2009 @ 13:24
May 19, 2009 @ 14:15
sick. still gotta find the perfect spot for my summer sesh's
May 19, 2009 @ 15:50
May 19, 2009 @ 15:51
anyone usin an oldschool powell or cabellero to shred?
May 21, 2009 @ 23:19
dont die.

anyone make there own sliding gloves?
May 27, 2009 @ 14:22
opinions on the lake tahoe 62 inch board? i dunno i feel like going from a 42 to a 62 would be a retarded change but i dunno i saw pics online nd the shit looks fun to ride....
May 28, 2009 @ 09:00
Hi guys, I'm new to Hypebeast and I've been a lurker for a while and I decided to join finally. :D

I was wondering if you guys have any insight on commuter boards such as one for a large scale city like Chicago. Like rolling around on campus. I've been hearing things about Bustin and Earthwings, what do you guys think?

Got any suggestions on trucks, bearings and wheels?
May 28, 2009 @ 12:10
^not sure how those boards are, but i ride a arbor pocket rocket its a nice and small board, you can get the basic randall downhill trucks and abec 11 gumballs and tht should make a very smooth riding commuter board
May 28, 2009 @ 14:23
^^gravity 33" larry bertlemann board is pretty fuckin sweet
May 28, 2009 @ 21:45
i think its time for me to replace my basic pintail longboard after three weeks of use, im stuck between a landyachtz evo or a loaded dervish...anyone got opinions of each boards??

^^you've only been riding for three weeks and you want a loaded? nd use the official thread for this dammit....

chill boss tongueface, i didnt see the official longboarding thread, anyway what`s wrong with riding a loaded after three weeks? i`ve met people who started longboarding riding a loaded...
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