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All information submitted to Hypebeast Forums (stories, articles, messages, etc...) must be linked back to a credible source (newspaper, online magazine, fashion magazine, book publication, photo agency, model agencies, etc...). Gossip is hearsay and these forums are provided for our members to discuss credible information alone. Therefore, we ask our members to have reliable sources for any information which they may contribute to the discussions. cannot and will not be held responsible for the content in these forums. cannot and will not be held responsible for any slanderous remarks made by any member. The staff (admin, moderator team leaders and moderators) cannot and will not be held responsible for any posts, the content in the posts, and any unreliable information submitted to these forums by members of

We assume no responsibility to monitor the websites but may do so at our discretion. Member-posted content may be removed from the websites at any time without prior notice. also reserves the right to amend any rules at any time and with regard to any subject.

The responsibilities of a Hypebeast Forums member:

1. Be respectful. It’s perfectly fine to have conflicting opinions with others as long as it is done respectfully and maturely, but do not attack other members in your posts or comments. Name calling, slanderous remarks, or harassment of other members will not be tolerated here and may result in suspension or termination of membership.

2. If you have a problem with a post or a member please do not deal with it publicly on the board. Send them an email or a private message (PM) to discuss the matter. Or, if you do not feel comfortable with this, contact an administrator or moderator to help resolve or mediate the matter.

3. Please remember to provide the source for an image or news story you share with us here. Journalists and photographers deserve credit for their work, just as those who take the time to scan. We want to continue to enjoy news stories and images and do not want people/company/websites upset with us and therefore prohibiting us from doing so.

4. Reference to other boards is required when crediting the members of another board for a news story, an image or an announcement, etc. However, discussions about and links to other boards are not permitted and will be automatically removed without discussion by administrators or moderators.

5. Please remember to stay on topic in the threads, limiting postings and replies to only relevant content as they apply to each thread

The following are not permitted in any shape or form at Hypebeast Forum, and are grounds for a formal warning, suspension, or a permanent ban:

1. Profanity and/or coarse language and offensive images are prohibited. If you see a comment made by a member in another language that includes swearing, or swearing is part of their signature or member name, please report it to an administrator or moderator.

2. The main language here is English, whole posts or conversations in languages besides the main language (standard English) can potentially be removed at the moderator’s or administrator’s discretion.

3. General discussions surrounding politics will only be restricted if the content turns to hateful slurs or otherwise degrading messages at the expense of other’s political views, beliefs and/or backgrounds. Offensive comments made against another nation, a head of state, international, or national policies of other nations are subject to removal and members subject to suspension or deletion.

4. Discussions dedicated to the promotion of hate groups are strictly prohibited

5. Absolutely no advertisements, chain letters, spam or related materials

6. The selling of personal items is only allowed on the specified market threads. Any selling of personal items or goods on discussion forums will be removed and members are subject to suspension or removal.

7. The selling of commercial goods on any forum is not allowed.

8. Pornography is not permitted nor are links to pornographic websites or other content.

9. Drug talk is not permitted.

10. All Forum members reserve the right to express their honest opinion, point of view and beliefs. Continual negative or hateful comments about brands, models or celebrities will be regarded as inflammatory. Moderators and administrators have the right to remove these comments.

11. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you have forgotten your password or login information, please contact a moderator to have it emailed to you. Do not create a new account.

Please note:

Formal warnings, suspensions and bannings will take place if members fail to follow Hypebeast Community Rules. Hypebeast Forums reserves the right to suspend/ban any member for breaking any of the community policies and in extreme instances, without warning.

Before posting, please consider the following:

1. Before starting a new thread, take a look to ensure that there is not already a pre-existing thread discussing the same matter. Moderators of Hypebeast Forums have the right to delete or merge duplicate threads. If starting a new thread, please post a title that accurately reflects the contents and information within the thread so that members are not misled.

2. Do not post in all caps.

3. Please do not post the same picture repeatedly in a thread. While we appreciate the sharing of images, it is not necessary to see the same image multiple times. Do not post pictures that interfere with the page format or that create loading issues for the page or forum. Moderators have the right to delete pictures that interfere with the functioning and the website or specific forum.

4. If you are quoting another member's post and the post has a picture in it, please edit out the image before submitting your reply to ensure a cleaner reading experience.

If you need help:

Please do not start a thread asking how to post a picture or change your avatar, etc. We have a Forum Support and Feedback section found at the bottom of the Index page where members can go for help and support. But before posting your question, please note the following:


Signatures are limited to a maximum of 140 characters. There is to be no swearing or graphic language used in a signature. Advertising links are not allowed. Please do not use smilies in your signature.


Avatars should not be an offensive or graphic image of a sexual or crass nature - which is up to the discretion of administrators and moderators here. Moderators reserve the right to ban or suspend members who do not abide by this policy.

Disabling accounts:

In the event you would like to delete or disable your account please contact us at or by contacting a moderator. If the account has a large amount of posts, completely deleting the account can significantly disrupt thread continuity. In that event, we can disable your account. Disabling an account leads to the username being changed to “Disabled User” and the removal of all profile information.

You may make use of the communication features to share information with other individuals directly (e.g., sending a personal message to another Hypebeast Forums user), however spam, solicitation and other invasive communication is strictly prohibited. Members engaging in this form of communication are subject to suspension or banning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

User Maintenance
● Why do I need to register?
○ Registration is mandatory for all users who wish to post messages directly to the Forums. It is a necessary requirement in order that Hypebeast be able to properly moderate the exchange of content on the Hypebeast Forums.

● How do I register?
○ To register for the Forums you may select the “Register” link within the top navigation bar at

● Does this forum use my cookies?
○ Yes. Their purpose is to identify users and possibly prepare customized webpages for them.

● How to I change or update my profile information?
○ To update your profile information, you must first log into your account from the “Login” option of the top navigation bar at Once logged in, you will see the Login button change to reflect your specific user name. Click this username and it will take you to your specific profile where you can easily change and edit the following:
■ New Username (can only be changed once)
■ Name
■ Location
■ Website
■ Forum Signature
■ Avatar
■ Account Settings

● What can I do if I lost/forgot my password?
○ If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can retrieve it here.
○ Otherwise, you may select the “Lost Password?” link underneath the “Login” option in the top navigation bar of

● How do I add or change my avatar/profile picture?
○ To change or edit your profile avatar, you may do so once you have logged into your profile. Once logged in, select your name at the top right of the navigation bar. It will take you to your profile where you can change or edit the specifics of your account.

General Forum Questions
● What is private messaging (PM)?
○ Private messaging is used to communicate with other members of the Hypebeast Forum in a non-public medium.

● How do I search for something on the Forums?
○ To search for something in the Forums, you must select the “Search Forums” option from within the “Forums” option in the top navigation bar of

● How do I search for something within a section or topic?
○ From within a specific section or topic, you may select the “Search” option in the top right-hand corner of the thread. An entry screen will pop out in which you can enter keywords to query only the specific thread in which you are located.

● Can I message other members?
○ Yes. You can send private messages to other members. You can send other users messages from within their profile view.

● How do I flag a message or topic for review?
○ If you have found an offensive post, thread or message, you may flag it for review by selecting the small flag icon within the bottom right corner of each and every individual message.

● How do I post a reply?
○ You must be logged in to post a reply. To post a reply, select the “Post Reply” option from the top right corner a selected section or topic.
○ You may also post a reply by scrolling to the bottom of the topic in which you are located and entering your reply within the dialog box.

● Can I subscribe to a topic?
○ Yes. You must be logged in to subscribe to a topic. In order to do so, you may select the “Subscribe” link from within any thread to easily subscribe to the content of said thread.

● How do I unsubscribe from a topic?
○ To unsubscribe from a topic, select the “Unsubscribe” option from within the specific thread/topic that you wish to leave.

● Is there a questions/feedback section where I can find help?
○ Yes. You can find the Questions/Feedback thread here.
○ Otherwise, you may find the “Questions, Support and Feedback” topic/thread from within the “Administration” tab of the Forums section.