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Should I start a sneaker website?

Dec 29, 2007 @ 02:06
I know that there's already plenty, but I want to make one that actually involves its members, as opposed to most that purely give the news. I dunno I'm just brainstorming at this point, but what type of stuff would you guys like to see in a sneaker website that isn't already out there, if anything?

place to buy/trade? giveaways/contests? should i just leave it alone?

I'm open to all suggestions, I just want to know what you guys think is missing from the community.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 02:45
Just leave it alone, I say.

You'd really have to fill a void in the community I feel in order for it to be really successful.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 02:47
I say Give it a try, you never know the result unless you try it. Once you did it whether it is going to be successful or not, you won't regret it later in life.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 03:27
You mean kind of like this one?
Dec 29, 2007 @ 03:37
you actually plan on selling shoes?
Dec 29, 2007 @ 04:32
Just leave it alone, I say.

You'd really have to fill a void in the community I feel in order for it to be really successful.

Yeah I would never start one if i didn't see a void, but i think there is something that we need that no one's really thought of yet, the subculture is still very young.

I know for a fact that we need a sneaker auction website that WORKS (unlike bluesole), but I've already considered that and i don't want that to be the sole purpose of the website if I make it one at all. But I do have a couple ideas up my sleeve.......

And while yes i would like to achieve the acclaim that hypebeast has, I don't want to make another hypebeast, its unoriginal, unprofitable, and a bitch-move in general.

However I did think about it, and since i really have nothing to lose i setup a website: www.sneakerheds.com

It only has a "coming soon" page, but I'm really gonna get to work on this. So please give me any constructive suggestions you may have. Remember, I'm making this website FOR US, I want it to be of service/entertainment to you all. Also if there's any freelance html/xhtml writers/programmers that want to build their resume, feel free to get at me.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 06:58
I also think that you shouldn't.
The hypebeast thing is kinda already at its edge, you should think about something else more "cool" / useful
Dec 29, 2007 @ 12:01
bad idea just paypal me everything youve saved up for this site ill put it to good use
Dec 29, 2007 @ 14:03
^ haha
Dec 29, 2007 @ 14:29
set up shop
Dec 29, 2007 @ 19:45
do it.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 19:46
only if its called "chicken soup for the sole"
Dec 29, 2007 @ 19:51
^6 cosign.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 22:44
only if its called "chicken soup for the sole"

I think we have a winner here....
Dec 29, 2007 @ 22:47
go for it man.

allow some nudity and i'll register for sure blushing
Dec 29, 2007 @ 22:56
The first day of it's existence and it's already corny...shame smh
Dec 29, 2007 @ 23:03
Why are you asking this kind of place? Its your decision, dont have to listen to these clowns. Go do your own thing! I say go for it! But do have a VARIETY of shoes.
Dec 29, 2007 @ 23:40
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