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Apr 01, 2006 @ 12:22
Here's a little extract from a book by Tamsin Blanchard called Fashion & Graphics. I won't expect everyone here to read it but some of you really should before you start thinking about dropping your clothing lines right, left and centre. There's a little message in here somewhere for all you budding wannabe Nigo's and I hope you get it.
It is just a tiny rectangle of fabric, sewn into the back of a jacket. But what power it holds. Tied up in that little label is money, aspiration, sex appeal and status. Unpick it, and the jacket might as well be worthless. The label has become its own form of currency. It is the maker's mark: the reason the garment was sold in the first place. In the fashion industry, it is all about labels, branding and identity. A simple label can mean the difference between a plain, white T-Shirt selling for
Apr 01, 2006 @ 15:02
interesting.. blushing

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Apr 01, 2006 @ 15:27
i enjoyed that thanks for sharingblushing
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