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Mar 24, 2006 @ 21:58
I was wondering is there anywhere shirt artists can pay to use the faces of people, i mean I have seen all these BIG shirts and Ghostface sayin's etc etc, even pac prints and home alone kid prints...

first is there somewhere we can pay to use these images, if not my second question is, shouldnt there be or is that shit way unmonitored..

at the end someone's making bank
Mar 25, 2006 @ 04:09
the rights to a photo would belong to the photographer and the company that commissioned the piece in most situations...not the artist.
either way...obviously no one's liscensing shit. most of these labels you're refering to are under the radar enough. even if they do know of the shirts...it's free promotion and in some cases maybe there's a mutual respect.

it's obviously a diff situation if someone like nike did it...or the shit had negative conotations.

there's also legit collabs like wu x supreme or wu x alife too.
and they're ain't no stopping swap meat 2pac shirts. :rofl: not even worth the effort.
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