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Any cute sneakerhead girls out there

Mar 17, 2006 @ 20:24
Alot of girls fake the funk, but im tired of seeing just guys at sneaker conventions, and store parties. :rofl: Are there any READ DEAL ladies who collect sneakers, and not just buy the newest jordan when they come out in Dr Jays or anyplace. At every sneakerpimps show, or sole collector show this year, 85% guys, 10% who try soooo hard to be seen, and 5% ladies, and they are usually holding some guys hand, which means that they really didnt want to come. I saw the woman who runs ladysneakerhead, and she' s really cool, but she's oldersmh . I see some of them once in a blue moon in downtown SoHo with their big shades and high top dunks, but never again. I guess they are a rare species. Its already hard enough to date "normal girls". As soon as I get into the topic of hobbies, thats where it ends for me. Lets just say sneaker collecting isnt really popular with the ladies. I can only speak for NY(sorry out of towners), because i've been to other states such as Illinois(Chicago), Florida(Miami), Pennsylvania(Philly), Oregon(Portland), and Cali(LA, Sacramento), even other countries such as Canada, UK, Germany, Japan(an exception, japanese people have the best fashion style in the world), and France, and its the same result. very rare. The ones I do see, anyone can tell they are sneakerheads. Supreme, spoonfed, mighty healthy, the hundreds, recon, etc..shirt, levis, hipster accessories, and quickstrikes only in woman sizes. All im saying is, ladies, dont be shy, come out of the shadows, some guys really appreciate fellow "sneaker connoiseurs". Ladies or guys who understand, please respond

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Mar 17, 2006 @ 20:38
yeah. meet hasejun ;)
Mar 18, 2006 @ 15:52
if you want to meet hot chicks why dont you just got out to a bar or some real non industry party? Or just post a naked picture of yourself on craigslist.
Mar 22, 2006 @ 20:30

I'm a fem sneaker head. Hahah

Yeah, Gone to the SneakerPimps events in NYC [Actually have a pair of adidas customs in the Sneaker Pimps Africa show]
Gone to the sole Collector events. [Waited 42hrs thru rain for the NyC Cowboyz.] And not for my guy. For ME.
I custom just about every type of sneaker out there.
And I got goin' on 100 pairs.
I love me my Dunks. =]
Mar 23, 2006 @ 20:19
Originally posted by Inactive User
As Posted by KgiovannaCustoms :
i dont know where this post is going but

im kate. Im the OG in the custom game reppin for the females.I was a featured artist at the NYC sneakerpimps blah blah blah. im infamous.if you dont know , now you know.

but as a disclaimer, Im married so picking up guys with my "sneakergame" is irrelevant.

I dont know. not all sneaker head girls are "obvious".. I know it hurts, but i wear sneakers very rarely.and i very rarely wear any sort of "streetwear" brands.When people see me, its not obvious.

when you say ladysneakerhead do you femalesneaker fiend? and are your referring to lori>?

-shrug- I aint see you as a featured person. Musta missed you.
I dunno, me personally, 97% of the time I got sneakers on. The other 3% I'm sleeping. =] But yeah. You can't tell who are sneakergirls anyway because the majority of people walk around with sneakers and you don't know if they have 400 pairs at home or if they picked them up because their other shoes just ripped or something. Sure they can dress the part because its a trend now, but no one knows whats really goin on so -shrug-

And when it comes to the customizing game, its hard to see any great workers. Bad to say. I'm a girl and all but all I really see are those squigglies /paint splatters that are usually seen on AF1.. Or flowers drawn with a marker. Blegh.

Oh well.
Mar 23, 2006 @ 21:58
Thanks for responding ladies. You are right, you really cant tell a female sneakerhead. But I am reffering to the ones who are obvious. I see them all some time in NYC(sorry if your an out of towner). And it is female sneaker fiend, thanks for correcting me. I met her at the solecollector in NY and again in Miami. Im not trying to pick up girls. Im just trying to conversate with some ladies who are serious just as guys about kicks. whatever happens...happens:rofl:
Mar 25, 2006 @ 02:10
my half white/mexican friend from college is a big time sneaker head, last i was at her pad she had an entire walk in closet filled with rare custom or limited edition nike shoes, mostly AF1's (must have been 500 to 700 pairs at least) but you'd never tell she was a sneaker head at all she dresses all girly girl style. I was like damn this girl is fuckin crazy, where the fick you find all these shoes! She does it as a hobbie/obsession. Found it funny she keeps her shoe collection in the same closet as her teddy & thong collection. Chicks can be wierd.

Last italked to her she was doing some modeling in LA. Chick is a bang-er (dime)for sure, wish i had the chance to bang her. Damn i wish i had her #.
Mar 25, 2006 @ 04:42
Female here.
99% of the time I'm wearing sneakers and the other 1% I'm working, so I can't wear sneakers.

I haven't got a huge ass collection, in fact, looking at my collection you'd think I started last month (which I didn't) but to me you don't have to have a huge collection to be serious about what you're doing. And the money of a part-time waitress/high school student can only stretch so far.

Can't say I'm bothered about what guys are thinking when they find out I'm into sneakers, except when they automatically think I'm a lesbian and/or a tomboy. Which bites, if they wanna know, they should ask - cause I'm neither.
Mar 25, 2006 @ 20:29
does this thread have anything to do with free small kicks??? if not then...:thumbsdown:
Mar 25, 2006 @ 23:27
if cute sneakerhead girls are anything like cute graffiti writer girls......they either have a boyfriend(who usually got them into it) or want nothing to do with you.....two cents.

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Mar 25, 2006 @ 23:49
ive seen a couple really hot sneakerhead females, but it is pretty rare

its too bad, because the ones into the culture are real cool, and i love the style they got going on

i see it as a very much urban/hip-hop thing, as well as a thing that mainly u find in big cities

for example, at my university (which is outside Toronto), where most people are from rural areas, theres no sneakerheads at ALL

im the only guy who even wore anything nicer than all-white ones
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