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Chicago Spots??

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Feb 18, 2006 @ 14:28
hey im going to Chicago in like a week and wondered if anybody have any suggestions for spots i should hit up im looking to cop some heat rocks. Also i won't have a whip since im goin on a "conference" so locations and how to get there will help to.
Feb 18, 2006 @ 14:44
If you are looking for Nike SB's

Belmont Army Surplus - They have a good shoe selection and clothing
Uprise - Skateshop with SB's

Untitled - there are two of them, one on Clark and one on North Ave.
Tony's Sports - Used to be good but wack as hell the last time I went.

You can't go wrong on the Magnificent mile, Michigan Ave. downtown Chicago. Nike Town, North Face, Marshall Fields, etc.

It's pretty easy to get around by public trans, The L Train can take you to any of these places.

It really depends on your steeze, but if you are into the hip hop skateboarder look I would recommend those to start.

If you can travel I recommend going to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg or the Aurora outlet Mall.

Good Luck!
Feb 19, 2006 @ 08:45
man you left out the best ones....

belmont army surplus used to have decent stuff but now their kicks selection has been shoddy for years. untitled used to carry streetwear (freshjive, stussy, early LRG, zoo york) but now they are catering to the emo-rock hipster market. skintight tshirts, tapered jeans and all that good stuff.

my suggestions:
st. alfred.... opened by the same cats who did kicks/hi. i havent personally gone by the store as i havent been in chicago for a minute but the spot is fresh. they've been doing a lot of pretty major events and a lot of people are talking about them.

phli- they've been around a few years... they have their own store line but also carry a few other lines and a whole mess of kicks (think goliath RF in harlem)... 5210 S. Harper Ave., 773-493-7454 (used to have a site but it doesnt seem to be up right now)

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Feb 19, 2006 @ 15:46
i bet lupe would know!
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