Not mine but posting for a good friend...

Ok, the time has come for me to finally sell my BBS. I've had these wheels for 2.5 years and been through numerous rebuilds but I have finally found a set that I like more than my BBS. I hate selling them but I'm not a baller and can't hang onto 2 expensive sets of wheels. So now time for the specs:

BBS RM original 4x100 bolt pattern 57.1 centerbore
Fronts are 15x8.5 +7, Rears are 15x9.5-7

Tires are Falken 512 195 50 15 all around, fronts are in pretty good shape, rears have camber wear on the outside but they were rotated at last rebuild. Purchased new in August, only major trip on them was to SF Wekfest. Probably have about 5k miles on them.

Faces/barrels have been powdercoated satin black along with the trim rings. The hex centers were rattle canned satin black since they are plastic and can't be p/coated. Badges are black with chrome bbs logos, in decent shape but not perfect.(I also have an extra trim ring powdercoated satin black and a extra hex that was painted really shitty satin black.) Lips have been powdercoated gloss black, front lips are 2.5 in. from Racing Team Hoffman, rear lips are 3.5 in. from Tunershop. Bolts are chrome from BFI. (One bolt is chipping, I just ordered 3 extra ones, I will replace the one that was chipped during install prior to sale, so you get 2 extras also). I also replaced the stem valves for polished short ones. This last rebuild was done at the beginning of February, including the powdercoat on the barrels, lips, and new chrome bolts.

I'm looking to get $2000 plus shipping for wheels and tires, I am located in SoCal. If someone pays the full 2k I'll throw in my BBS steering wheel. (I'm not sure it's legit, but thought someone with a set of bbs would make better use out of it than me)
Also willing to listen to trades with cash on top from your part. Really only interested in either Schmidt Modernlines in 16x9 +15 all around or Miro STP's in 16x9 +15 all around. Doesn't matter if your wheels have tires or not, but keep in mind your setup plus cash should be close to what I'm paying for. On to temporary pics, I will get better pics this weekend once they come off the car.

Before the rebuild

After the rebuild
w/out centercap

And the Steering Wheel

email me at, thanks

Also, I'm willing to take partial trades for legit parts, here's a list of parts that I would be willing to take as partial payment plus cash:

Red Genie Lip Kit
Kenstyle Urban Kit
Damd FFF
Damd Loversoul spoiler
Scudetto Grill
Narchy Grill
TYC heads
Widened Steelies
Garson LX short wing

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. As stated before, it is obo