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Better Collection Don Juan vs. Sportfreak

Nov 12, 2008 @ 12:28
don juan you have diversity and you buy what you like, dope shit.

no one can argue that i DONT have diversity and, i always buy what i like. fuckin dopeness.

and my swag is 100000000% doper than any of you! hypebeast forum minions, bow to SPORT NOW!

Nov 12, 2008 @ 14:45
08 BMW 328i 2dr White, and a 95 318i 4dr White, that is just sitting there, I plan on getting a 335i 4dr six-speed White, cause i think i like the 4 door better.
Nov 12, 2008 @ 14:45
Originally posted by Inactive User
^a honda civic lol

and the post above is for this ugly ass kids comment.
Nov 12, 2008 @ 15:43
Nov 12, 2008 @ 15:57
don juan's collection would look more deadly if he had them lined up in a picture like sports. tough decision without it
Nov 12, 2008 @ 16:02
I Super Soaked Your Ma!

Sorry for going off topic gaize, but where in this horrible country are you from?
Nov 12, 2008 @ 17:24
what about that b53 guy?


by the way i dont know much =]

WOW. his collection kills both.
Nov 12, 2008 @ 17:29
b53 shits on both of them.
Nov 13, 2008 @ 00:47
Scotland has 100 residents?

Inactive User

Nov 13, 2008 @ 07:24
^ he was taking the piss!

i thought the englandshire bit may have given that away!

b53s collection > everyone elses in the world put together! wtf does he do?

Inactive User

Nov 13, 2008 @ 08:38
he dont wear them...
Nov 13, 2008 @ 12:18
Well Im originally from Aberdeen,
but im trying to survive Dundee at the moment.
I hope that answers your question

and to all the americans who havent a clue (not your fault)

Scotland is a small place outside england (englandshire?)
We have about 100 residents. Its Nice.
You guys might like it.

Aberdeen like eh.
Dundee uni? I was going with a girl for like 4 years til she went there and fucked like 4 guys in a month or some shit hahaha. Feel free to burn down flat 57 anytime you want.

But yeah its more like a population of 200 odd.

edit: I bet sports crying his eyes out and begging his dad for more money for shoes now that hes seen b53's.
Nov 13, 2008 @ 14:18
b53 for sure, simply for the reason that he shrinkwraps!
Nov 13, 2008 @ 14:33
I DEMAND that sportsfreak thank me for the VOTE...
Nov 13, 2008 @ 16:57
b53 def wins
Nov 13, 2008 @ 18:02
Dundee Utd. is my favorite club


Nov 13, 2008 @ 18:29
Well when i lived in halls, i lived in a flat 45! maybe the same building!!!!
not that exicting.
I might not set her flat on fire, i might just take a shit on her doorstep or something.

WeeeEeeeeYyyUUuRD. Her name was Lauren if that makes a difference. Feel free to do something absolutely horrible and blame it on me anyway.

I hope b53 works for nike anyway.
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