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How did sidekicks become the official hypebeast phone of choice

Apr 30, 2008 @ 22:40
After my blackberry broke, I just use my old sidekick. When my contract is over in August, I might switch to AT&T to jump on the iphone wagon, but i don't know.
Apr 30, 2008 @ 22:53
i got a blackberry pearl....i need the new curve though with the new OS. looks amazing
May 01, 2008 @ 02:44
yea sidekicks are pretty much for the kids now...I ended up saling my lrg sidekick and getting a blackberry curve which was a cool phone but ended up giving that away and copping the i phone which i love....so to answer your thread i phone is the new hypebeast phone.
May 01, 2008 @ 05:37
I have a blackberry curve 8310 with gps sat nav - use that for work stuff - because of the calendar, notes, and of course instant email etc and the sat nav is an added bonus along with the addon which tells me where speed cameras are etc.

Then i got the jail borken iphone for my calls and texts and personal stuff.

These 2 phones just work for me, i had a few of the windows mobile running pcs but find them too slow and buggy.
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