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WDYWT: March 2008

Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:07
breY is getting on everyone

yet he doesnt post? how ghey is that?
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:09
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:13

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Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:17
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:20
Originally posted by Inactive User
last nite gettin it in at this sneaker party..bacons not pictured

this pic is cool on so many levels...
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:24
hahaha thats how I know you're new

i have been lurkin for a minute...can't say that i ever remember you and it hasn't been any here recently...

and fuck you im new...weren't you new once? or are you too cool to have been new? the thing is in REAL life you seem like a loser but you hop online and you think you are the shit...
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:38
awww, taken my opinions to heart have you son. I haven't been on here because I have a business to look after..you know the real world. No, never was new few peeps knew who I was from the go and that's not being pretentious, sadly as with most members the o.g.'s left due to the illegal immigration of your kind. I seem like a loser, define a loser...what's to win?

Loser as in...lifts himself up trying to put others down...even more so i believe that you aren't the same as you are online in person...

nah brah you didn't get to me personally it's more like you seem like an ass and you wouldn't talk to me the way you do if you were in person...

congrats on your business...that's what's up...im glad you are gainfully employed...so am i!

i don't mind criticizim however you basically critique and don't construct...that more makes you an ass than anything
Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:39
Are those the Red Lakais? How do they fit? Where'd you buy them?

lakais are nice. pretty big and bulky though.

edit: active had them. and when i saw the red i had to have them. only ever seen blue after that

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Mar 03, 2008 @ 20:49
everyone stop and count to 10

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Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:00
Dinner party two days ago.

Blazer: Vintage
Scarf: Zara
Shirt: APC
Pants: h&m

Shoes: Adidas Antelope (Not Pictured)
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:10
Putting others down? Shit, I'm not going to drag things out, if your fit is shit, sloppy, or tacky I will tell you. I'm not going to give any constructive criticism, the dude's know their shit is not on point, rather than me telling them why shouldn't they as people look back at their fits and be unbiased and see where they went wrong personally. Don't make assumptions about me, I would talk to you how I type, part of me being a human being and a nice one at that is telling you when something is wrong or foul, I'm opinionated just like every other person, and it seems most of the HB regulars agree with me that these fits and these ISSers need to get the fuck out.

we just agree to disagree man. I feel like if you are "superior" at this then you should help those out that need it...
you seem to think just being a dickhead is cool...to me you get satisfaction from it...tellin people to leave like this YOUR forum...nicca you don't run shit!

ima nice guy...most people that KNOW me thinki im pretty cool...would do anything for anyone but man you just a fukin asshole, if you talked to me with the kinda disrespect in person as on here then we would get a chance to throw blushing

and nah im not internet thuggin im being real honest. and im sure if you DID have that cocky attitude and talk to people like on here you would get lumped up frequently...

just chill if you don't like my shit then cool man i don't claim to be the shit...man just talk to me and show me respect, you could even be helpful bro, if it can't be like that then we just agree to disagree...

not gonna clutter the forum up with this nonsense i'll leave it at that...now wdywt?
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:13
being a jerk on the internet is the cool thing to do
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:16
Just coz you can write upside down doesn't mean you can write what you want... next time you write something like this you will receive an infraction... no questions asked...

Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:28
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:31
oooh you're taht ****** with the oversized jeans

okay if it's just the jeans then aight...most of mine don't fit like that...i'm hopin they will shrink if not i'll just use them when i ride my bike (R6 Yamaha)...

i bought them 2 years ago then lost 4" on my waist size brah...but thanks tho
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:32
When I say leave..I speak for many. I run quite a few things actually that don't pertain to this forum. Throw dice? Hell yes, I'm cocky, even call me arrogant, but this mofos is shiiiiiite, I don't even recall if I called your fit a fail, if it was I did for good reason and what did I wear today, it's 03:21 am I'm in my boxers watching a film before bed...what will I wear in the morning, abercrombie & fitch....yessir, re-up money.

let me clarify...you don't run hb and you don't run anything that has to do wit me...
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:34
Nothing much
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:43
jacob smokeyface

recycled pic*

huf(not visible)
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:43
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:47

Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:48
^so blurry homie. smh
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:49
^ yeah def too blurry

Thx for props guys i <3 u L :d
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:50

Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:50


lol i was going to say that, thanks L for clarifying it haha
one town over from lynbrook steveee



mayeb i see u azwel if i go owt tere. i am prety broke though ..!

edit: v thanks jack~
Mar 03, 2008 @ 21:52
lol dude i did not even notice that. oh wellz, fuck upz on the intanetz smh
Mar 03, 2008 @ 22:05
thanks brey and kream
Mar 03, 2008 @ 22:16
yeah my bad should use a digital cam
Mar 03, 2008 @ 22:28
og aj XIIIs

thanks bro
Mar 03, 2008 @ 22:46
Dinner party two days ago.

Blazer: Vintage
Scarf: Zara
Shirt: APC
Pants: h&m

Shoes: Adidas Antelope (Not Pictured)

im diggin it
Mar 03, 2008 @ 23:02
Nothing much

where can i cop an excellence certificate? dope fit deadpool
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