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May 24, 2006 @ 21:55
just wonderin if there are any chicks in these forums. not tryin to get wit, Just wonerin cuz usually there are more guy sneakerheads

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May 24, 2006 @ 22:28
May 24, 2006 @ 23:00
Go to femalesneakerfiiend.com. You will have fun
May 25, 2006 @ 00:03
there was somethin like this on ISS. there were more girls than i thought....
May 25, 2006 @ 00:32
nah from what i see Hypebeast is pretty much a sausage fest you find more coochie in the lakers locker room
May 25, 2006 @ 15:23
Originally posted by Inactive User
Yeah there are chicks around these forums, just that you may not see them post quite as much as us guys do...


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May 25, 2006 @ 15:57
i see something threads like that once in a while..

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May 25, 2006 @ 15:58
Theres a thread with this question in it on here maybe once a month
May 26, 2006 @ 17:41
wow... BOOO
May 27, 2006 @ 14:49
patiently waiting.. (wheres belladonna? and that kgiovannacustom girl?)
May 27, 2006 @ 15:02
are your friends into the same stuff you are?
i always find it wierd that i see like 5 dudes all wearing bape hoodies walking around soho. you would think that people who spend so much time online wouldn't be so popular.

then i see like random cats walking alone.

i have a couple friends who are into shoes, but thats about it.
May 27, 2006 @ 15:36
Originally posted by Inactive User
patiently waiting.. (wheres belladonna? and that kgiovannacustom girl?)

Outside... finding a companion, like you should be doing! (Just kidding.)
May 27, 2006 @ 23:46
guess i'm here too =x is that all u wanted?
May 28, 2006 @ 22:22
i AM a girl :]
Jul 17, 2010 @ 18:33
Jul 17, 2010 @ 19:24
Claire & Illy are the ones that post here regularly. I'm sure there are lots of females that come onto the site but they're lurkers.
Jul 17, 2010 @ 19:25
^i post here regularly too.... not even a mention?
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