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What Did You Wear Today: December 2006

Dec 02, 2006 @ 23:29
Originally posted by Inactive User
were gonna gett he whole Chi in here

theres like 5 of yall man get back on topic!
Dec 02, 2006 @ 23:35
Fucking gallo...fuck...why ur kicks gotta be so fresh
Dec 02, 2006 @ 23:40
nice fits every1... havent done this in a while :\
BBC, Nudie, Jordan
Dec 03, 2006 @ 00:24
alot of hating going around .. i wonder what ppl will say when i post

Dec 03, 2006 @ 00:24
Fishscale, no hate intended, but based on the amount of new clothes you have, your house, tv, and what ive seen of your face, i think i've come to the conclusion that you are kevin federline...sorry if im wrong but the evidence is just too strong...
Dec 03, 2006 @ 00:42
ha word
Dec 03, 2006 @ 01:59

Inactive User

Dec 03, 2006 @ 05:15
nice jeans and nice hosois.. but i dont think they work well together.. i think jeans need to be tight at the bottom to look good
Dec 03, 2006 @ 07:47
co sign that looks off
Dec 03, 2006 @ 08:13
^^^The Hosois are sick.
Dec 03, 2006 @ 09:50
Christmas shopping yesterday.

Supreme. C1 M65. SupremeXPE. DH. Vans.

Inactive User

Dec 03, 2006 @ 09:51
nice....and thats a big ass bath and beyond bag
Dec 03, 2006 @ 09:58
co sign really like the hoodie and looks like someone is getting a comforter for xmas!
Dec 03, 2006 @ 10:25

Dec 03, 2006 @ 10:35
again, gallo with the fresh kicks
Dec 03, 2006 @ 10:53
nice fits bleed and gallo...p.s that's my christmas gift in one of those bags right bleed?..lol
Dec 03, 2006 @ 11:07
Originally posted by Inactive User
dont quote pics if theyre right above you just quote the person you are regardings name

Don't you think you should make a sticky of that rule, dude? I looked at the Forum Rules, and there's nothing about pictures. It might help if you did include that there. I don't know, just suggesting.
Dec 03, 2006 @ 11:40
hell yea id make it a rule soon as i become MOD lol
Dec 03, 2006 @ 11:55
Dope fits bleedthrough and gallo. Damn i wish there was a supreme store near me...
Dec 03, 2006 @ 13:11
Dec 03, 2006 @ 13:44
Gallo stays with fresh kicks on.
Dec 03, 2006 @ 16:37
Today. Yes it's during day time. I hate winters it gets dark early and cold ?)

Nort x New Era
Springfield coat
Wood Wood hoody

Dec 03, 2006 @ 16:54
Nice, Cweak...
Dec 03, 2006 @ 16:55
dope fit as always cweak! i really love the hoodie but when i tried it on this summer i was a bit disappointed of the quality.
Dec 03, 2006 @ 17:00
nothing special blushing

Dec 03, 2006 @ 17:08
You might recieve hate.

My opinion? To much going on over all. you got stripes and polka dots, on top of the bright eyes. I'm assuming the bandana is just to hide your face. ASSUMING

what jeans are those?

Inactive User

Dec 03, 2006 @ 17:57
i cant write him off. as for size, i think its a nice fit.. nothing baggy. colours are quite subtle and work well together even if im not a fan of matching. i also dont have a problem with bandanas, looks good

keep it coming

Inactive User

Dec 03, 2006 @ 18:19
Pretty good fit, but the hoody doesn't go well with it at all.
Dec 03, 2006 @ 19:34
Very nice without the hoodie. Are you Asian?
Dec 03, 2006 @ 19:38
Originally posted by Inactive User
Very nice without the hoodie. Are you Asian?

haha I was wondering the same thing...
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