There is plenty you can do to fix your house that doesn't require thousands of say your yard is overgrown with weeds and looks like a jungle...well how about getting some gloves on and doing a few days of manual labor to get that shit under control?  pull those weeds, cut the grass, mulch or fertilize the beds, plant flowers, trim the trees, whatever.  the paint on the outside of your house is chipping.  well then get down to home depot and buy some damn paint.  do you have a ladder?  get some brushes.  look on craigslist for used stuff.  i helped my dad paint our family house when i was in high school, it isn't that hard.  time consuming sure, but what a blessing it would be to your parents.  as far as the sinks and what not being clogged and broke, again, not beyond the realm of impossibility.  you dont need a plumber to unclog the sink. 

look, it's tough out there for everybody right now.  although the recession is "ended" 4 year ago, our lives are still rife with uncertainty and ruled by fear.  i'm sorry your house is going to shit.  but the fact of the matter is, that's how it works.  my parents bought a beautiful house when i was 14 and i was lucky to move into such an amazing neighborhood, and even to maintain it at the level it was at, which was a very decent but not extravagant upper-middle class house, took everything my dad had in him.  constantly there was projects to be done.  yard upkeep was consistent year round.  there was trees to be trimmed, massive flower beds with bushes, leaves to be raked in the fall.  grass cutting, all that happy horseshit.  stuff was always breaking, leaking, stuff inside needed to be painted, redone.  doors fell off hinges, sockets went dead.  we needed a new roof eventually, that was a hell of a job.  every weekend my dad was working on something.  thats not even taking cleaning into consideration.  it's a lot of work.  my point is, it's not out of the ordinary, and your family has not been affected with unusual great magnitudes of suffering.  do what you can, recruit a friend to help while youre at it.  chin up.