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Shootout at MIT/Boston Bombers/1 in custody

Apr 19, 2013 @ 06:25
from reddit

From the live audio feed:

MIT Officer shot and his firearm was stolen. [Small Edit] Officer is on

his way to the hospital [Mass General]. No update on his condition. MIT is also updating their emergency site with news.

EDIT 11:26 EST: They have a photo of the alleged suspect.

EDIT 11:27 EST: Heard a Black Male in all black clothing.

EDIT 11:32 EST: NBC just reported the shots on TV. No new info there.

EDIT 11:33 EST: There was a robbery at a near by 7-11 (Dark Skin White Male 5'11' 200lbs, black top). Could be related?

EDIT 11:40 EST: Woman reported on the ground screaming/crying. Male that was with her just walked away. [Unrelated, thanks /u/dontgotmilk]

EDIT 11:42 EST: Image from the scene. Warning blood.

EDIT 11:44 EST: Possible witness.

EDIT 11:47 EST: /u/philsmith24457 points out they mentioned a mini excavator [Unrelated]

EDIT 11:59 EST: Reportedly a group of Black males. 1 in

a gray hoodie, in his early 20's, heavy set. 2 in black hoodies.

Firearms present. [Unrelated].

EDIT 12:04 EST: from /u/TheFightingFarsi : NBC Connecticut reporting MIT Officer has died. (grain of salt till for now)

EDIT 12:07 EST: MIT updated their emergency site with news. Police are searching the campus, stay indoors.

EDIT 12:12 EST: Removed links to emergency site to prevent Reddit DDoS. Thanks /u/Some-Internet-Guy

EDIT 12:13 EST: Boston Globe Editor confirms MIT officer death.

EDIT 12:16 EST: /u/TheFightingFarsi has more info on the MIT officer.

EDIT 12:17 EST: [Unrelated] Black male with grey hoodie put his firearm in the front pouch. Please stay inside tonight.

EDIT 12:23 EST: It seems like the MIT officer was the

only one involved as of right now. No students have been reported

harmed. Seems like a case of wrong place, wrong time. Will continue

updating if any new information comes up.

EDIT 12:26 EST: Dark Skin White Male from 11:33 was mentioned. He has a gotee.

EDIT 12:28 EST: Black Mercedes SUV car-jacked in the

last 30 minutes. 2 Middel-Eastern males with firearms. PLEASE don't be

related to the bombings Q.Q License Plage - 137 NZ1

EDIT 12:30 EST: More images from MIT.

EDIT 12:32 EST: The filled up with gas, payed cash. Car took off to Harvard Square.

EDIT 12:32 EST: Car owner is fine, escaped while they were filling up.

EDIT 12:34 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again. Police continue to sweep the campus.

EDIT 12:35 EST: Driver of car-jacked Mercedes displayed firearm to police.

EDIT 12:38 EST: I was disconnected from the live feed.

EDIT 12:40 EST: I got the feed back.

EDIT 12:41 EST: MIT updated their emergency site again.

The shooter remains at large, police continue to search the campus.

Please REMAIN INDOORS until further notice.

EDIT 12:45 EST: /u/speedbreeze has a summary in multiple languages. They have fact-checked info, where I relay what I am hearing on the feed.

EDIT 12:47 EST: /u/sceptre886 mentioned the car stolen is a Mercedes ML-350. Tag number 137 NZ1

EDIT 12:49 EST: Shots fired in Cambridge. Shots and Explosions in Watertown.

EDIT 12:50 EST: Shots fired. Grenades spotted.

EDIT 12:51 EST: More shots, explosion. Grenade went off.

EDIT 12:55 EST: Officer down. Explosives at scene. 94 Spruce Street??

EDIT 12:56 EST: Reports of a stolen state police truck. Black, 4 door.

EDIT 12:57 EST: Second officer down. Hand Grenades...automatic weapons fired.

EDIT 12:58 EST: Spruce (sp and Lincoln

EDIT 1:00 EST: Dexter and Laural. Suspect injured. Explosives in the area.

EDIT 1:01 EST: Officers ordered back. Map of area thanks to /u/rm-rf_

EDIT 1:01 EST: Suspect is on foot.

EDIT 1:02 EST: /u/iBrave sent me another map

EDIT 1:03 EST: Bomb Squad on their way.

EDIT 1:05 EST: Officers asked to power off phones/leave them in the car to prevent explosions.

EDIT 1:06 EST: 2 explosives confirmed. One near down officer. Robot in area to diffuse.

EDIT 1:09 EST: Suspect car still in the area.

EDIT 1:09 EST: Parameter from unnamed source.

EDIT 1:10 EST: Watertown not answering phones. Suspect in ambulance, one at gun point.


EDIT 1:11 EST: They are taking one of the suspects to Beth Israel (hospital). (Thanks /u/TheVacillate)

EDIT 1:12 EST: FBI on scene (thanks /u/bnjmn556)

EDIT 1:13 EST: Roll call to make sure everyone is okay/accounted for.

EDIT 1:17 EST: MIT updated their site: Suspect remains at large.

EDIT 1:19 EST: 2 in custody.

EDIT 1:19 EST: Another guy down?

EDIT 1:20 EST: Photos and Videos

EDIT 1:22 EST: Reports of suspect heavily armed in backyards.

EDIT 1:23 EST: MSP called for K9 unit.

EDIT 1:25 EST: May NOT have second suspect!!!

EDIT 1:26 EST: Reports of pressure cooker bombs!!!

EDIT 1:29 EST: Active shooter. audio noises

EDIT 1:29 EST: CNN has footage of suspect at gun point.

EDIT 1:30 EST: No report of an active shooter at this time. 40 police cars on their way to Watertown.

EDIT 1:32 EST: Second suspect reported to be in custody. No active shooters. No shots fired.
EDIT 1:33 EST *: Police are making people turning off their phones.

*EDIT 1:35 EST: Suspect ordered to strip down before being taken into an armored vehicle. Photo of suspect on ground

EDIT 1:36 EST: Children's Hospital on lockdown.

EDIT 1:38 EST: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone

for kind words. Keep sending me info and I'll keep updating. Stay safe

everyone! This is not the post I wanted to make today...

EDIT 1:39 EST: WCVB reports one suspect is at large!

EDIT 1:41 EST: Reports of first officer down has died of his wounds (death toll: 2)

EDIT 1:42 EST: Reports of explosion at Harvard Quad.

EDIT 1:42 EST: Second suspect not in custody from radio! Be safe all!!

EDIT 1:44 EST: Children's Hospital clear. No shots fired there.

EDIT 1:46 EST: Explosion heard was from bomb squad.

EDIT 1:47 EST: Backpacks left on Laurel St.

EDIT 1:48 EST: News about Harvard Quad bomb seems to be fake. No bomb confirmed there.

EDIT 1:55 EST: Second suspect middle eastern looking, clean shaven, male with blue jacket with a "christmas style" hat.

EDIT 1:56 EST: My inbox is flooded with "Fuck the Mods"

posts. Please, not now. Come back with hate in a few hours. For now,

only news. Hate them in another thread.

EDIT 1:57 EST: The Christmas hat is a beenie.

EDIT 1:58 EST: MIT update: Suspect from there is no longer on campus. Right now, these are two different incidents and not related.

EDIT 1:58 EST: Suspect who was laying on the ground was released and is walking home. Taken in from confusion.

EDIT 2:00 EST: Reports of a "code black" at Auburn Hospital. Nothing confirmed.

EDIT 2:02 EST: Sorry for lack of info. Inbox is flooded, dealing with thread transfer and my scanner stopped. Back at it!

EDIT 2:05 EST: Officer ducked down (idk if that is bad)."

also pics of the bombers
white hat to the left

both of them


reddit is still updating.
I hope the dudes they chasing or in custody are the 2 that did the bombings.More than likely they are.
The guy that was in his wheelchair with his legs blown off is the one who identified one of the bombers.He said he looked him in eyes then he dropped the bag and walked off then 2mins later it blew up.

Apr 19, 2013 @ 06:28
this on some Lebanon shit. stay safe out there
Apr 19, 2013 @ 06:35
EDIT 2:30 EST: Boston Globe is confirming one of the Marathon bombers is in custody.


EDIT 2:29 EST: NBC is showing a cat screaming NO! while being put into a tub...
news not even reporting anything smfh

EDIT 2:48 EST: Police confirm these are the Marathon Bombers
EDIT 2:48 EST: Suspect who is at large is confirmed to be the Marathon Bomber with the white hat!
Apr 19, 2013 @ 06:42

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Apr 19, 2013 @ 07:16
EDIT 2:56 EST: Police confirm MIT and Bombers are connected.

EDIT 2:58 EST: My feed is back.

EDIT 3:00 EST: Police looking for Black Dodge Avenger?

EDIT 3:01 EST: Reports are coming in that one of the suspects is the missing Brown student.

EDIT 3:02 EST: One suspect dead
Apr 19, 2013 @ 07:18
Apr 19, 2013 @ 08:22
^ Lol, I guess we'll have to see what happens today (Friday).
Apr 19, 2013 @ 08:54
suspect #2 is Sunil Tripathi who was a missing student from Brown University.
Days after he was missing, FBI went on the lookout to find him, they usually don't handle missing cases.

peep this girl's twitter who matches the photo from the marathon with this guy


Apr 19, 2013 @ 10:02
Apr 19, 2013 @ 10:20
i cant do anything or il lose my job

ur worried about our freedom yet you still want to work for people whos trying to take it away?
Apr 19, 2013 @ 10:32
suspect #2 is Sunil Tripathi who was a missing student from Brown University.
Days after he was missing, FBI went on the lookout to find him, they usually don't handle missing cases.

peep this girl's twitter who matches the photo from the marathon with this guy


she private-ed her twitter lol, was open to public like 30 mins ago
Apr 19, 2013 @ 10:55
Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:16
Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:31

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