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If the U.S. and China went to war right now, who would win?

Jan 05, 2013 @ 22:26
americans nuff said we're not worry one bit here in the military
Jan 06, 2013 @ 01:48
America would win because they would save money by building their weapons in china blushing lmao
Jan 20, 2013 @ 20:45
Versus China, US would win.
Versus North Korea....that is another story
We have enough bombs to wipe them off the planet. 

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Jan 20, 2013 @ 20:46

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May 10, 2013 @ 05:47
I'm Canadian so maybe unbiased or not who knows? This is the way i see it.
The U.S buys 80% of Chinese goods produced.
The U.S dominates all shipping routes around the world and can effectively cut off the remaining 20% of trade.
The U.S debt is largely owned by China, but let's not forget that means it really owns American money that in the end belongs to America. So American debt buys you American goods.
The American dollar is the worlds currency for trade and affords cheap debt.
The U.S has a higher gdp per person. One American worker produces 32 times the gdp than a Chinese worker.
The U.S has been the catalyst in the world for innovation in technologies in pretty much all economic sectors.
The U.S military might is second to none on the planet.
The U.S is patriotic through freedoms not because they are told to be.
The U.S has the ability to fight multiple front wars even while experiencing and economic downturn the likes that have
  not been seen since the thirties.
The U.S dominates the orbit around the earth giving her the ability to run uav's anywhere in the globe and do a multitude of other things.
The U.S has a large Chinese American population, but China should make no mistake 99.9% of them bleed red white and blue. This makes it easy to infiltrate China with spy's
I don't think it's a question of whether the United States of America would win a war against China, It's painfully obvious she would. I think what is being witnessed is the death throws of comunism in China brought on by the republic of the U.S and Chinese leaders caught on a little to late.
The world will have a super power and as a citizen of a democracy myself i feel that a republic is better for the world  than a comunist power.
Canada has spilled her own blood fighting beside the U.S not because it had to but because we believe in her.
May 10, 2013 @ 06:14

China only owns 8% of the US debt and they can't call in our debt at any time they want.

Our debt is extremely cheap and we can pay it off with ease. 
May 10, 2013 @ 08:24
Can someone pease jus photoshop londons face onto captian america???

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May 10, 2013 @ 09:58
The F22 Raptor was developed and flown in '97. China's aircraft technology all in all is basically a rip-off of designs of previously built aircraft. Their J-20 (supposedly developed to match the F22) had its first flight in 2011 ; 14-15 years behind US development. Apply this logic to basically everything they've developed and the US would outrank it hard. China has zero innovation.  

In an all out war between the two countries, the US would cut off supplies to China with their sea and land superiority. There is no way China would be able to provide enough resources for their troops to face an ongoing battle in the long term (where they probably have the greatest advantage). Their people would die from lack of provisions probably resulting in rebellion and turmoil. They will get brutally raped.
May 10, 2013 @ 14:16
the us and china would never go to war because their economies are interlocked through world trade/globalization. even if one did beat the other, the "winning" nation's economy would collapse

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May 10, 2013 @ 22:21
If it did happen , I doubt the US would hesitate to wipe them from the Earth . . And we owe them money ?
Yea bruh 

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May 10, 2013 @ 22:28
If it did happen , I doubt the US would hesitate to wipe them from the Earth . . And we owe them money ?
Yea bruh 

May 11, 2013 @ 01:36
Originally posted by Inactive User
why would there be no nuclear/ atomic weapons tho?

Because clearly the US would win.

We have enough nuclear power to destroy the Earth 20x over and over.

Im saying this in the literal sense, btw.
you think you are
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