Honestly, Im glad this discussion is up. I strongly believe you dont need drugs to get high. And I dont think getting high is a back thing either, seeing as we reference to a certain something as a 'natural high'.

I believe thatn all that crap that goes on in our heads is already there and pre-programmed, its just drugs + other substances are keys to get there faster. Example being, the other night I hallucinated for a quick 3 seconds, but I felt trapped and couldnt talk. I was scared and shit, and I was sober. Ive been told thats what shrooms are like to some people, you dunno whats going on or how to feel, and you just hallucinate a bit depending who you are. So if thats anything like shrooms, that means those feelings are already in my psyche, certain drugs just tap into those parts of my brain quicker than done the harder route. Which is finding how to get there on your own conscious will.

But with that, I do believe its possible. When Im high, Im only feeling ways Ive already experienced in my life, maybe amplified, but its nothing new. the only thing new is maybe Im feeling a lot of those feelings all at once more than Ive ever experienced before, but the feelings by themselves are nothing new.

So because we're such smart human beings who possess brain power we cant even imagine, there has to be a way to reach these already programmed feelings within our head. Or else drugs couldnt make sense to me.

/English essay done/

You're definitelyin the right direction with your theory.