How much do you tip your barber?

Aug 23, 2012 @ 02:20

That's just asking to look like a fool, one day you gone fuck up your hair
I pay 35 for a cut and tip another 5 to 10 cuz the chick is nice hot, and she cuts it well

been doing it for 2 years, so far so good. i just get a 1 all around every week. cost effective being that im in college with loans up the ass

Been cutting my own hair recently and shit is so worth it.
Aug 23, 2012 @ 02:21
i get my shit cut at Hair Cuttery cause i'm a fancy mother fucker. Which runs me $15 a cut and i'll tip them $3 if it's mediocre and $5 if i like it

but my current girlfriend can cut hair so I get mah shit fo freeeeee
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