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I'm trying to get as swagged (damn I'm starting to hate that word) out as possible before my life consists of me spending 6 hours a day studying in a private university library that was named after some rich, dead Jewish guy.
I've heard that training for a specialty is like locking yourself in a time capsule: when you come out, everything about your life has changed, from your relationships with friends and family to your connection with pop culture.

Word. You sound just like a close friend of mine. He's getting into the medical field, currently studying at University of Washington. He told me the work you have to put it in is slave work. You literally have to devote your whole goddamn life studying. It's fucked up how people who want to do good for the world such as a becoming a doctor, have to be a slave just to get up to that position and pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars for schooling. Much respect to you, seems you've done you're research about how much work is needed to be put in. Hope all goes according to plan.