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Just because you wouldn't want to live anywhere else doesn't mean that the government should have someones support. The government is fucked up and everyone knows it. The only way to have a possible chance at changing it though is to have people who are anti america and anti american government. Im not saying that will change things, but in order for change you need that.

But the one link to the 9/11 debunking. The evidence used to support the pentagon where they quoted that lady saying she seen plane pieces and body parts, that is terrible proof. Its just as good as someone saying they seen the building blow up and no plane hit it.

I think what Jaded was trying to say is that people are quick to say how fucked up the government is, yet the enjoy the freedoms of living in this country. And the only way to change it is to have Americans that are not only anti government, but also ready and willing to die for whatever it is they believe in. If they are not willing to do that, then all they are doing is talking. Now I admit there is a lot of shit that American government has done that isnt the best but I also believe that sometimes hard decisions must be made. Shit seems easier from the outside looking in. And in no way shape, or form am I condoning condemning your own people or withholding info, but sometimes the average citizen is better off not knowing certain shit.