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Girl Throws Puppies Into A River

Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:14
That bitch is crazy.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:31
What is this, i dont even.....fuuuuuck this bitch


Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:31
what the fuck. i could hear those puppies whining
Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:39
I can't even watch it
Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:41
I don't even like dogs, but this is fucked up.blinkyeyes I don't know if the way they hit the water or thier cries was worse...
Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:46
Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:51

I want to see the world burn

Aug 30, 2010 @ 18:52

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Aug 30, 2010 @ 19:00

lol fuck peta.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 19:05
Aug 30, 2010 @ 19:54
Wow. Made me sick.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 19:59
?) made me angry.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 20:01
she is 5ft 6in-5ft 8in, blonde, eye color unknown, Caucasian

Youtube account owners name is Martin
They live in Bugojno, use googlemaps.

This faggot commented their youtube account and is a possible friend.

Possible facebook account of the youtube accounts owner
-> his mother: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705393951&ref=sgm

possible facebook of that bitch:
some anon asked martin for it.
if not, second suspect:

one of their friends:

possible camera man:

This is the Vrbas river the one from the video.
(Googleearth it)

Reuploaded video, make it famous so someone will recognize her


what if u tried to stalk me?
im curious what you would find blinkyeyes

̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏ ̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏ https://soundcloud.com/bkbrown

Aug 30, 2010 @ 20:06
Aug 30, 2010 @ 20:18
what if u tried to stalk me?
im curious what you would find blinkyeyes

they would find alot of porn links on mine lols
Aug 30, 2010 @ 20:22
I watched her throw the first one then had to stop. If it was like throwing people I can handle that, but not puppies.

Aug 30, 2010 @ 21:05
4 chan will fuck her shit up.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 21:07
I know the act is heinous, but I feel no emotion whatsoever when watching this.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 21:44
this is so messed up ?) THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF THAT?!?!?
Aug 30, 2010 @ 21:51
what happen to the 4chan that laughed at this shit...

i miss the old 4chan

Aug 30, 2010 @ 22:04
what happen to the 4chan that laughed at this shit...

i miss the old 4chan


Then never laughed at that stuff. They laughed at people being decapitated and shit.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 22:17
smh at white people...Why is it that the most psychotic, sickest, fuckin people in this planet are caucasian?

Aug 30, 2010 @ 22:31
Man this bitch needs to be tortured. Those poor puppies. smh
Aug 30, 2010 @ 22:34
Then never laughed at that stuff. They laughed at people being decapitated and shit.

Aug 30, 2010 @ 22:54
HB fam..smh, better you hear it from me than when reality hits u unexpected.

Life, in essence, is like a rollercoaster of emotions that will never, never, let u go. Just as much as there is good and virtuous in this world, there is double the evil that will constantly distress you and even tempt you to fall from grace. I ain't preaching, I'm just droppin jewels...See, it's a cold ass world and the only thing that can save you from getting fucked is your brains and determination, not religion, not your mama or your stoner friends, only you..I didn't see the video since I use to have a dog and shit like that just pains me, deeply. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago about 72 immigrants were killed in southern Mexico, most of them were Central American, they were killed by some cartel that held them for ransom. What I'm trying to say is shit like this constantly occurs throughout the world, I don't wanna bring shit into it but just as Mexicans complain about being unfairly treated in the U.S, Why is it that they look down upon their neighbors down south? I see that shit at work also...I'm just saying the hypocrisy, the lies, are not exclusive to one culture but to everyone because as long as there are men controlling governments our goal 4 world peace will forever be in vain.

"To err is human..."

Inactive User

Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:17
people like this should rot in hell with an aids dick in their ass.
Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:46
What the??
That is HORRIBLE!!! But the question I have is, they filmed this WHY?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!? I hope they catch her drown her! It's unbelievable that people can be so cruel... Disgusting. smh
Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:50
nice first post ^
Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:52
yo! i missed out on the vid, but i hope they find this hoe. if they can find that chick who tossed the cat in the garbage, they'll track this bitch down asap! shit's messed up B!


Aug 30, 2010 @ 23:53
so the puppies died? not tryna watch this shit smh
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