when i'm walking and i'm paying attention, i have to walk in a pattern according to the cement squares on the floors. kinda hard to explain.. not that i walk funny. lmfao.

uhh. i have a certain order when it comes to doing certain things. i dunno.

imao same here. even with walkin in shadow, there's just in and out, no between.

i could cosign to a lot of shit in here...
notebook volume:
50% for porn
85% for music
100% for dvd

every mp3 has to be the same quality 192 kbps, i devide artist and title with an " · " just that it looks good. there has to be 0,25 sec pause at the start and 1,6 sec at the end of every mp3.

i throw away books and dvd if they don't fit in line with other, not that i don't like em...

if i clean, i don't have to clean... i just put everything in order.

when i'm at home my tv has to run, even not watchin...

fuck i'm a little monk