I'm an independent producer thats worked with dozens of upcoming artists and I am still continuing to push and expose my sound to the world. I believe the best way to do that is to help other aspiring artists out. I make electronic based tracks with inspiration from trap/hip hop/cloud/edm/dub/vintage/etheral genres. I believe I have a progressive and unique sound that can help talented artists stand out. I lease and sell exclusive rights for my beats but I will be giving out free leases to every artist that "likes" and shares my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theabyssproject  Once you do that email me: abyssofficialproductions@gmail.com and tell me what track you want from my soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/abyssofficial (there is a few tracks that I can not lease)

Also I will give away 1 exclusive rights to the person that shares my page and brings in the most likes.

Lets build and support each other as artists.