Today Ableton 9 came out & I have to switch to Ableton for some of the features, as of the newest version it's just absolutely the best DAW for producing & DJing, in my opinion. If any of you are experienced with the program I will Paypal you money to get on Google+ or Skype with screen share and walk me around the DAW. I've watched some tutorials and I know the basics, but I'm trying to get up and running very fast. We can talk about hourly/session rates, money isn't a problem. I'm on Spring break until Monday & I'm just trying to get comfortable with Ableton while I still have time to fuck around with this shit before school hits.

If you know musicians tell a friend, I just want somebody who really knows the program and has experience with sampling and production, specifically for progressive hip-hop beats. Send a link to your work if you have a SoundCloud or something.

Yall don't reply & imma put this on Craigslist NYC, timeliness is key.