The consistency was incredible, especially as their run had lasted
for 14 years by that time. A career with barely any mistakes, hundreds
of instrumentals with every single one of them a work of art. It goes
without saying I'm a fan, but who wasn't. 

With songs such as "Lavish", "I Gotcha", Pharrel's solo album "In My Mind"
and many more, their work continuous to embody both the soulful RnB as
well as the dopest backpack rap ever made. Surely the amount of hits
dropped to at least 50%, but as things were going the duo were doing
exactly what they wanted, being influential in both music, fashion,
design and every other world.

Remember we all used to wait for the "Just Dance" song that was supposed to appear, or the "Save the Babies"
song by Brandy and Pharrell. Someday, this volume will be even bigger,
flaunting the rarest gems. But until the day those songs leak on the
web, this is the complete overview of The Neptunes between 2005 and

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