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Dope Artist Alert: David Stones...

Dec 29, 2012 @ 21:04

I really like how New York's underground scene is looking these days with people like Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Pro Era, etc. I been checking out this new kid from Brooklyn by the name of David Stones who's dope and thought I'd share it with you guys. He just released a mixtape called The Steppin' Stone: All Or Nuthin' which jams from beginning to end. Apparently his older cousin is Buckshot from Duck Down Records (for those of you who are up on your 90's golden age hip hop shit) and he's been co-signed by NY legends like Cam'ron and Kool G Rap. The rapper Ka who works with Roc Marciano also be bigging dude up on twitter and all that. I think he's bout to blow up! He got a team called the DOHH (Dough) Squad/Dohh-Nation which stands for "District Of Hip Hop" / "District Of Honor & Humility" / "District Of Heavy Hustlas" and his style is on some raw ny shit, so if you're into music like the Zombies or A$AP Mob you should check him out. It's also rumored that 50 Cent has "borrowed" some lines from this dude and didn't give him any credit. If you got some extra time you could check out the interview where he speaks on that here. I'll post a few of his songs below for anyone that's curious about his music tho...

"All or Nuthin"

"The Truth"

"Triumph 2012"

Just incase you missed it earlier here is the download link to his mixtapa again: The Steppin Stone. This is one of my first posts in this forum so S/o to everyone reading this thread! Hope you all enjoyed and possibly I helped you find a new artist to add to the iPod.
Dec 29, 2012 @ 21:07
Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to post the videos so I guess I'll just link to them...

"All Or Nuthin"


"The Truth"


"Triumph 2012"

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