“Cassie’s Unreleased Classic” — in 2008 prestigious UK newspaper The Guardian published this article lauding the consistently outstanding work of cult artist Cassie. The accolades didn’t stop there. As the years went on & more leaks occurred, Cassie has gained even more critical acclaim: Pitchfork to MuuMuse to SPIN. Her captivating and hypnotic discography bore resemblance to The Weeknd’s artistry, providing the inspiration for this passion project. Fans have yet to receive a sophomore album six years after her debut. These mixtapes serve to remind the public of Cassie’s critically acclaimed work until she’s back on the charts, reclaiming her rightful place as Queen of the throne of pop music.

“The Unreleased Classics Trilogy” is a series of three unofficial compilations with a different approach to compiling Cassie’s work — no one had yet attempted to create a comprehensive collection of her entire discography — including not only all her songs, but features and skits on other artists’ albums and mixtapes. The latter additions were carefully cut and used as intros, outros, and interludes throughout the mixtapes, in the hopes of creating the complete Cassie experience.