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The Weeknd - Trilogy (with Download Link) (9.8/10)

Nov 08, 2012 @ 04:36

Download here

What's to be expected? This will not be a review, first of all because reviewing 30 songs is something none of my readers are waiting for. Furthermore, what should I say? That the drum sounds clearer in "Heaven or Las Vegas"? That although none of the tracks are new, they do seem more enjoyable (if this was already possible) in cd quality?

Still, I will celebrate the leak for "Trilogy", since it brings back the greatest memories, brings together a great body of work and even ads three unreleased songs. It sounds like a greatest hits album, but once it will hit stores it's going to be more than that. It will be a collectable, something that you doesn't solely has to be listened on your computer or iPod without burning it on a cd. November 13th will be the day I listen to The Weeknd in a way his music deserves to be played.

However, let's talk about those bonus unreleased songs. For instance "Twenty Eight", which only does the 99,9% perfect "House of Balloons" more than justice with its perfectly mixed, melancholic melody and fitting arpeggio backed by a slow bass to really bring up the emotion and suspense. It reminds me of "Lemme See" by Usher in some way, but more intense and less poppy. His dramatic and reminiscent build-up, his sweeping voice singing the saddest love song ever sung, it all perfectly suits him and saves him from becoming a Michael Jackson clone.

"Valerie" definitely suits "Thursday", makes it completer, but this doesn't mean that it's the best I've ever heard from him. The song has an amazing tension, full of regret and powerful emotions, but it still doesn't quite pick up where "House of Balloons" left. To be fair, it would have made his second mixtape closer to a classic if he had released the song back in 2011, but then again, it is a reason to buy the album.

And then there is "Till Dawn". It's surprising how seamlessly these extra songs fit the already released albums, as this song also perfectly channels the mixtape it's added too. The three mixtapes are a story, from Abel going from party to party, to bed to another sexual escapade, after which he finds himself in the city for the second part of his adventure, eventually heading back home for the last part. Where "House of Balloons" feels like the drugs adventure before reaching the city for a full night of party, which is represented by "Thursday", "Echoes of Silence" is the end of the partying, where the sun comes up and the real world comes to life again. This specific moment, this amazing little ray of sunlight, that is "Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)", where everything that happened comes to an end and every moment fades to shape into a memory.

My excuses to those who are new to The Weeknd and his glory, but if you were expecting a review of all his albums, just listen to the first two mixtapes and read the review I did at the start of The Lavish World, but for those who want the whole product, download or purchase it down below. For the score, it's near perfection, but nothing is just that. It comes short in some areas, however this being so small that the 0.2 standing in the way is still the least problematic, making this the best album of the year and probably the decade.

Lavish Score:
9.8 / 10

Download here
Nov 08, 2012 @ 17:40
Can i get a link to just the new bonus track please.
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