Reviewing an EP has always been an easier thing to do. It's shorter, therefore promising quality over quantity. However, this being the fourth solo project to be released in a year by Tech, I was hardly expecting anything great to come from Strange Music's frontman. And then, N9na released the video to "URALYA".

Not only did I still decide to listen to the EP because it serves as homework material for the upcoming show that he'll be performing in the Melkweg, which I will be attending, but the visual release of "URALYA" promised great things. Not only did the face paint, which Tech previously used in other videos and on tour, look better in 1080p HD, but the song didn't disappoint either. Opening the song, and therefore the album, with the "KOD" anger sample immediately promised the same quality of songs that we remember his 2009 release by. Fusing rock with hiphop, nothing new to the genre but fitting to N9na's repertoire, the aggressive and frustration channeling "URALYA" looks back at those who expected him to fall after his underground rise and is the ultimate symbolic middle finger for everyone who fronts on Tech's impressive discography.

The second song "Fire in the AC" brings Krizz and Tech together as the dynamic duo, this time joined by Smackola of Dirty Wormz, who they also worked together with on Smackola's single “God of Waar”. Funny and witty is Kali's impersonation of Jack Nickelson's in "The Shining", saying "Here's Kali" instead of "Here's Johnny", especially since the movie reference holds connections with the other movie referred to through the whole song. In both songs Tech already shows that he actually embraced his darkness and keeps the promise he made stating this EP would actually be darker, this time by remembering the shootings in Aurora, Colorado after the "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" premiere.

"If I can't grope her, I will choke her. Could I kill her? Should I kill her?"

Yes, Tech has one of the darkest minds in the industry, but does that take away the quality of the music? There aren't a lot of artists who I actually prefer on his solo songs. Even on "All 6's and 7's" the solo songs like "He's a Mental Giant" and "Technician" far exceed the level of intensity that even songs with features such as Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg bring. However, this doesn't take away that both me and whoever listened to "Boiling Point" wasn't jumping up and down when they saw Brotha Lynch Hung in the tracklist. As we take a path even deeper inside the mind of the King of Darkness. This promises to become the best Halloween yet, a smart day to release this impressive body of work, as we haven't heard Tech this hungry for blood since "Seepage".

Not only does he speak on his hunger for blood and lack of emotions, he also sings about the hunger for flesh in "Paint on Your Pillowcase", featuring Aqualeo, who was recently banned from Youtube (for unknown reasons). Don't expect a romantic song, but more a freaky interpretation of the act. Produced by Strange Music's in house producer Seven, who also did "URALYA", this extended play evolves to something even darker as we still have 2 songs to finish this powerful statement ending his one-year-four-albums spree.

A more narrative, which features Krizz Kaliko on the chorus, brings us to the point where Tech feels a heavy dark substance pushing him further down into darkness and sorrow. "Heavy" ends the series of darker songs with a lament on a rapper’s spotlighted but sometimes sad existence, the emotional and piano heavy "Alone", which has Tech, crooner Krizz Kaliko and Eric Boone ending the last release for 2012.

Lavish Score:
7.5 / 10

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