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New Drake -Zone

Jan 08, 2010 @ 15:17
This shit is pretty good even though some lines were recycled.

Im expecting big things on Thank Me later

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Jan 08, 2010 @ 15:31
"i swear these *****s gassed up even though the price is high, i could own half as much clothin and be twice as fly" im sick of this dudes simple ass bars. i.e., if you ignore the cleverness the bars mean nothing at all
Jan 08, 2010 @ 16:08
^... dont hate
Jan 08, 2010 @ 16:11
it was straight, nothin special
Jan 08, 2010 @ 16:17
still think he's savin his iller material for the album
Jan 08, 2010 @ 16:29
iv heard 2 of these where its just a decent beat and abunch of recycled Lines, i wodner if hes doing it or some guy is just mixing a bunch of his music..

thank me later better deliver, and better not be a rnb album
Jan 08, 2010 @ 18:12
this shit is wack, i got high expectations tho. ( just listen to fear, it's the bomb )
Jan 08, 2010 @ 18:14
wtf all these are recycled wtf
Jan 08, 2010 @ 19:40
apparently drizzy's dropping his new single next week.
no clue as to what that single is though...we'll see what happens

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Jan 08, 2010 @ 20:38
I expected better production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League... I'm surprised Drake has managed to keep his hype and buzz going for so long...

Jan 08, 2010 @ 22:20
new but some recycled lol, maybe he is saving for the album

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Jan 08, 2010 @ 22:34
baby come wit me is decent but i know the radio is gonna OD play that shit if it's the single
Jan 08, 2010 @ 23:01
i think drake needs to not put baby on records. im sure he'll be fine then
Jan 08, 2010 @ 23:06
i like this? nice chill beat. cant believe the hate. nice little joint. better than most shit on the radio.
Jan 09, 2010 @ 02:34
baby come with me is dope but idk if its the right follow up to Best I Ever Had. The illmatic curse.

its basically Every Girl....

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Jan 09, 2010 @ 02:35
Zone takes line from The Winner right?
Jan 09, 2010 @ 06:28
I've noticed that all I do is sigh when I hear a "new" Drake song.
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