hype cog
Nov 30, 2009 @ 23:34
I've been really torn recently. Doom is pretty much my favorite rapper and Madvillainy is my favorite album, but recently he's been pulling some real bitch moves. All the no shows and recently at another no show, Stones Throw said something along the lines of "well of course he wasn't going to show up to a venue of 500 when his contract clearly states 2,000". Does Doom's BS affect your feeling of him as an MC?

"Doom's songs lit, in the booth, with the best host
Doing bong hits, on the roof, in the west coast"
Nov 30, 2009 @ 23:44
Nahhh, when you a buy a ticket to his show you know what you're getting yourself into. It would be cool to see him live but fuck it.
Nov 30, 2009 @ 23:45
Dude is dope in terms of producing...
As far as bein an emcee, most of his songs delve on weed and other "hip" stuff that doesn't really seem to be constructive or amusing..I ain't sayin he's wack, he's just limited in that aspect tho
Dec 01, 2009 @ 00:55
i don't give a fuck what all these pussy ass sites say about DOOM. dude is dope. hataz on the innanet
Dec 01, 2009 @ 01:35
Whip up a slice of nice verse pie
Hit it on the first try
Villain: The Worst Guy

Went as #y?E.

Dec 01, 2009 @ 11:02
nah idk, i just bought my ticket to see him an January with Mos Def. he's kinda been off the scene for a while and he expects his fanbase to expand
Dec 01, 2009 @ 12:42
one man waste is another man's soap
son's fan base know the brother man's dope
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