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Most annoying questions asked about your gear

Jan 14, 2009 @ 00:35
Why do you always wear those jeans?
I lie about the price, I'll say like $10 after I tell them it was like 300 and they be like blinkyeyes
Jan 14, 2009 @ 02:00
Originally posted by Inactive User

Follow up question after I give that answer.

"so why is it spelled with a V?"

Buffalo Bills till I die.

Jan 14, 2009 @ 10:57
"i like your shoes, how much did you pay?"
Jan 14, 2009 @ 11:26
Where you get them at?
Are those______?
Your jeans are too tight
Jan 14, 2009 @ 12:29
i actually don't mind the questions blushing it means people are paying attention, though whether its good attention or bad attention, who knows.

it annoys me more when i rock something fresh and no ones says anything tonguefacesmh

same here it means that looking at what yu wearing and i also dont liek wen im looking fresh and nonbody says anything lol

i hate wen people ask are those legit.. umm yea. i dont rock any fake shit
Jan 14, 2009 @ 12:34
Not even.

4. Why do you flip the brim on your hat up?

Most likely a good question
Jan 14, 2009 @ 12:57
I live in the UK and wear Alife Stussy Mhi, a real mix of brands.

I hate when people say "you dress so retro" emm this clothing am wearing is from 2008 actually.

Or "where can I get Jordans from" emm most Footlockers, Nike stores in the UK or go online u lazy twat.
Jan 14, 2009 @ 13:16
I get the "why do you have so many shoes?" a lot. Sometimes followed by " you're like a girl having all those shoes." When people ask me where I get my stuff I just tell them I find it all in dumpsters haha
Jan 14, 2009 @ 14:27
Wow up to page 3 already we can all relate
to this thread
Jan 14, 2009 @ 15:31
Where you get that?
in a shop
Why spend so much?
becuase i want to
i wouldnt spend that much!!
good job im not you
wow your stupid to waste your money
piss off
why dont you just buy normal shoes?
becuase i dont want them
Jan 14, 2009 @ 15:35
when people try to read your shirt and then dont understand it, then ask you what it means.

Hate this with a passion.
Jan 14, 2009 @ 15:37
most of the time its..where did you buy that/get that?..you think im gonna tell you so you can rock the same shit as me...what are you, my twin??Almost every kid that asks me about my outfit are usually abercrombie and bitch dudes who see like any name brand that someone else wears and there like...i gotta have that...thats why fashion sucks..no more originality!may be my opinion though smokeyface
Jan 14, 2009 @ 15:49
1.how much u pay for that?
answer: why do you do care?
2. what are you rich or sumthing?(usually after i tell em how much my sneakers or jeans are.)
Jan 14, 2009 @ 16:00
where do you buy your clothes?

how much? you paid that much for a tshirt?

whats "insert brand" mean?

can i be your friend?
Jan 14, 2009 @ 16:12
i actually don't mind the questions blushing it means people are paying attention, though whether its good attention or bad attention, who knows.

it annoys me more when i rock something fresh and no ones says anything tonguefacesmh


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Jan 14, 2009 @ 16:38
1)How come you have so many shoes!?
2)What does the SB stand for on your Nike kicks?
3)Where did you get those shoes/clothes/etc?
Jan 14, 2009 @ 16:49
This thread is annoying because you are all on a forum that helps you find gear and you don't want to share your knowledge. >smh
Jan 14, 2009 @ 17:16
why do you pay so much for clothes?
Jan 14, 2009 @ 19:05
what the hell is that on your shirt?
Jan 14, 2009 @ 19:22
(In annoying Jappy Girl Voice) Ehmagawd like what does your shirt say? Does it say pussy (In reference to Stussy)?
Jan 14, 2009 @ 19:39
are you a freshie??)?)?)?)?)?) =(
Jan 14, 2009 @ 19:49
I get a lot of the ones already mentioned:

- How many shoes do you own?

- How many coats do you own?

- What does your shirt mean?

I don't get annoyed, though. Nobody really gives me crap for the amount of money spent on clothing or the type of clothing, so I take most questions as a subtle compliment. It means they're taking notice. That isn't the most important aspect of why we dress how we do, but it's certainly part of it.
Jan 15, 2009 @ 03:54
defs the most annoying one is "how come you have so many pairs of shoes"

co fuckin sign...like im supposed to wear one pair of shoes with every fit, lol
Jan 15, 2009 @ 08:23
what's that dead hooker doing in your trunk?
Jan 15, 2009 @ 08:32
Is that ectoplasm on your jeans?!
Jan 15, 2009 @ 13:50
why do you have so many sneakers?
you pay that much for your clothes/sneakers?!
where do you shop?
who is that on your shirt?
do you have like a shirt for every pair of sneakers you have?
do you wanna live in the city?


Jan 15, 2009 @ 15:11
why are you so got damn sexy?smokeyface
Jan 15, 2009 @ 15:56
before slim jeans were so popular: are those girl jeans?

sad thing is that they sometimes were...levis 501 were the slimmest they made.
Jan 15, 2009 @ 16:38
You think you fly?
Jan 15, 2009 @ 16:47
why do you dress like that?
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