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How Do You Wash Your Tees?

Jan 03, 2009 @ 03:21
I was wondering how everyone washes their tees, because ive noticed over time the print on my stussy is starting to fade, i know every tee will eventually wear out, but i want to know what method of washing will make the tee last longer? Does hand washing or machine wash have that much of a significant difference in tees? Or is it just about the same?
Jan 03, 2009 @ 03:30
Try machine washing your shirts inside-out, to prevent loss of color and fading, I think.
Jan 03, 2009 @ 03:35
Just wear undershirts and don't wash. Assuming you don't sweat heavily.
Jan 03, 2009 @ 03:37
hand wash your tees if you want em to last longer.

i dont really care so i just wash em inside out. they're just shirts blushing


Jan 03, 2009 @ 04:02
Dry cleaning is the probably the best method but is expensive.

Otherwise cold wash your shirts inside-out and hang dry.
Jan 03, 2009 @ 11:40
Batman does my laundry.
Jan 03, 2009 @ 11:50
I hand wash cold then hang dry or low heat for a short time so it wont shrink

or I just wear an plain tee underneath and dont wash(unless you have to).......I only do that for shirts I really like or spent mad money on and I wear it rarely
Jan 03, 2009 @ 13:23
i just stick it in the washing machine n tumble dry low
Jan 03, 2009 @ 13:27
I always wash them cold. Never use a dryer. always let them hang.. I that way they stay fresh and last longer.
Jan 03, 2009 @ 13:39
i piss on em
Jan 03, 2009 @ 15:34
inside out hand wash and then hang dry
Jan 03, 2009 @ 16:24
wash cold. tumble try low. or hang dry if you got time haha
Jan 03, 2009 @ 16:27
i wash my tees with soap
Jan 03, 2009 @ 19:38
Originally posted by Inactive User
i piss on em

Jan 03, 2009 @ 19:47
machine wash cold on gentle cycle with woolite.. hang dry

Inactive User

Jan 03, 2009 @ 19:51
inside out wash and dry by hanging. "]
Jan 03, 2009 @ 21:00
try asking this ninja!
Jan 04, 2009 @ 20:51
just wash inside out, I've had my stussy print tee for over half a year and its not fading, washed it at least 10 times already.
Jan 04, 2009 @ 20:55
I have my wife do it.
Jan 04, 2009 @ 22:55
cold wash on delicate w/ very little woolite, and invest in a drying rack.
Jan 04, 2009 @ 23:09
Just wear undershirts and don't wash. Assuming you don't sweat heavily.

i do this, call it gross but my shirts stay looking new for as long as i want
Jan 04, 2009 @ 23:49
It's not that bad to just wear an undershirt, that's usually what I do haha. I guess I just don't like washing my clothes. Just remember if you want anything to stay new-ish don't wash for as long as possible
Jan 06, 2009 @ 02:59
Read the tag


Jan 06, 2009 @ 07:42
for tees i always machine wash cold with a second rinse then lay them out to dry on my bed or wherever instead of hanging so the neck doesnt stretch out. Then once they are dry i throw them in the dryer set to airfluff or wrinkle out with a dryer sheet to soften them up and keep them from getting stiff.
Jan 06, 2009 @ 08:20
try asking this ninja!

billy mays here with another fann-tas-tic product....smokeyface
Jan 06, 2009 @ 14:17
Just wear undershirts and don't wash. Assuming you don't sweat heavily.

This is what I've been doing... Only washed this royal blue shirt once since like, September.

instagram: prxsh

Jan 06, 2009 @ 22:57
dont wash em. Wear undershirts and spray with FeBreezeee yo.
Jan 06, 2009 @ 23:06
dont wash em. Wear undershirts and spray with FeBreezeee yo.

worst comes to worst
bucket full of water soak
wring it out
soak it again in fresh water
wring it out
hang dry.
Jan 06, 2009 @ 23:11
Lmao @ Billy Mays.
Jan 06, 2009 @ 23:31
i spit on mine till it is soaked and then hang dry it
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