Is this hope think is necessary so that the collapse in the hands of Christian Vieri?

Chiellini is not convinced, he remembered,Nfl jerseys wholesale, Hemingway once inside However, people are not inherently going to be defeated, the man can be destroyed but the specter of the mighty shall be defeated!

Film inside a line, want to stop me, the only one to do, kill me!

The Italian partner is still the book, he was prepared to the university entrance exam, ready to continue to learn, to understand the meaning of these two words represent, he liked these two words, and use them to regulate their own to encouragement their own.

"How? Look like, it seems like killing!" Vieri Hey, with a smile, but his body straining crammed Chiellini, he and Lopez ready tacit, wait a minute header directly Go to the top of his head.

Chiellini doom carrying his teeth, let their legs moving half a step.

In Christian Vieri, this ghost is very interesting, but the ginger or the old lady.

Lopez the ball quickly penalty, but out of his free throws, Chiellini suddenly forward a step, Vieri whole person immediately lost his balance, out of a stagger.

And then they see Chiellini leaping, straining, almost exhausting the full corner greet Lopez, left straining the shakes.

The ball hit his head, was immediate roof out of the danger zone, a restricted area, go down far.

Inter fight back, such as the trend gush go, Emerson got the ball,Cheap Elite jerseys, handed Pirlo, Italy directly to a Bigfoot, precision ball sent to the premises it should go.

Ronaldo broke out directly to their highest speed, Mihajlovic and Wali stop him, could only watch as the Brazilians to pull away.

Heels, and unloading the ball, the face of Peruzzi, feints a flash, the Italians threw himself to the ground immediately, Ronaldo has the ball directly go past an opponent, gently, without any pressure, the ball into the no one guarding the goal.

This time, the Argentine side defender Sorin before returning to the penalty area, His face looks more like coming to pick up the ball.

Inter fans follow Inter Milan came away immediately burst of thunderous cheers broke, they are excited to celebrate Ronaldo's goal to celebrate with Inter Milan scoring.

Chiellini see distant Ronaldo scored a goal, he immediately excited to do a fist celebration, turned around, just to see Christian Vieri, now with a laugh, "I'm not like some ass will only blindly rely on the body, my brain, and I will beat foolishly guy! "

He directly pointing Vieri, "finished, Vieri!"

Finished, turned away.

Vieri was the first time to be so, pointing to his nose challenges, especially when the other was a 18 year old ghost, he felt humiliated because of his pride he felt that he not do The lost this Hunzai also how stem the loss of Inter Milan?

"Well done, Giorgio, that's it!" Nesta came with a smile, patting the shoulder of Chiellini.

Have also scolded at him Buffon came, and he hit a palm, Cheap nfl jerseys,"brain stem lost him!"

Chiellini smile, point nod.
The ball re-open, Lazio immediately hit a wave of inroads.

Quickly Lopez at Inter Milan hinterland ball, guarding the face of Emerson, a clever Argentine relief, the kicker Xiezhuan restricted Vieri obliquely in the blaze, Qiuhou homeopathic want to hit open Chiellini, wade into the box, who knows, just enter the restricted area, and he fell on the ground.

Chiellini first time raised his own hands, and look to the referee, to indicate their own and do not foul.

Christian Vieri is the first time from the ground up, roar directed Chiellini, "damn stinking son, pull my shirt!"

When the referee came when Vieri more roaring, "This bastard pull my shirt, it should be a penalty."

But obviously, the referee smiled, shook his head, motioning compete to continue, and no whistle interrupted compete.

Vieri angry Pooh spit, see Chiellini, some angry, "Son, waiting!"

"I do!" Back Chiellini give an inch of the top.

The left Xiezhuan just less than five minutes, Stankovic,Authentic nfl jerseys, Christian Vieri directly into the restricted area, Chiellini chasing his side tightly suppressed because the body was Vieri base Ye Lini some speaking out loudly and clearly in terms of speed does not come out, causing the two can only go hand in hand.

But the Italians very clear Vieri advantage, so this time, he used his left shoulder directly straining wore Christian Vieri, life and death not let him continue to aim at goal, and once again a run on him.
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As the body was tightly wore Chiellini, Christian Vieri always failed to find the the kicker making door-to-door rhythm and testimonies and he finally found a kicker opportunity the Nesta obliquely out of, literally The sliding tackles his shot blocked Chuledixian the.

"Well done, Giorgio!" Nesta exclaim with a smile.

Over on the left side of Buffon also the first time put up a thumb Chiellini said indeed getting better and better, although still not as good as Vieri, but at least he was able to Chande live in each other.

Vieri catch his mouth for breath, and he felt that this child some tough angrily glared at him, ready to corner.

This time the corner is still playing Vieri this point, but Chiellini an earlier seize live location, even if it is to withstand the impact of Christian Vieri inexhaustible, he has not the slightest concession, literally in ball, leaping high, and once again the ball free.

"Although there are still a lot of shortcomings, but they do not deny that he completed was pretty good!" Benitez but very few of praise, and his rejoicing basically be regarded as very good.

Not Chiellini anti Vieri how good Vieri also still be able to get a chance like this time in the penalty area, his header hoisting Chiellini no guarding live or Buffon the ball in time to get Kankan defuse a crisis.

But from his Vieri interference, nhl jerseys china,he said than opening that period much better.