Chiellini is immediately well done, a cry Pooh.

"Yo, will be angry?" Vieri just laughed.

Chiellini immediately annoyed, he felt that bastard arrogant,nike nfl jerseys, simply look down on him.

Yang Cheng and Mancini are very clear, and the highlight of a rivalry is that the closure of Christian Vieri the Nuisance lock and freeze.

Tactical Lazio this season is actually very simple, hit Christian Vieri, as long as the ball, he went out to engage Vieri side, by him to renew, to see to ferry or shot. Vieri this season said very outstanding, scoring a lot.

After the opening, Vieri back and forth in front of dangling, Chiellini was staring at him.

Not long after, the ball came to the foot of Vieri, Chiellini immediately guard posted up.

The Italian partner is very direct and wrapped around his body, But Vieri sophisticate very clever, turn around the ball back to meet him a hit the Chiellini immediately some instability directly Vieri turned and left foot wave, right shoulder pressing Chiellini direct the ball break away.
Wait!" Yang Cheng Road.

"Still think he can be?" Benitez some wonder, he does not understand that in the end, Yang Cheng spotted Chiellini what point.

Moreover, the field competing for Inter Milan away from home, even lose the ball, Yang Cheng will not feel a big deal, because he is confident that his team

363 you are finished, Vieri!

"Lazio played a riposte Stankovic got the ball in the left wing, the ball forward, Cordoba come garrison, but Stankovic directly pass the ball into the restricted area before the point ..."

Lazio game competing for Inter Milan's former occasions repression, the scene mediators see they finally hit a counterattack immediately called up excitement.

"...... The former point, days, Stankovic the ball to the former point, Vieri rear plug ..." cried site mediators sound louder this time, "... headed attack door!! "

Scene Lazio fans immediately public outcry, and even many can not help but stand away from the seat.

"Ah, Buffon once a world-class flying to fight the Kankan ball he denied the bottom line, Lazio corner!"

A shot full strength, Buffon reaction is very fast,nfl jerseys authentic, and make a wonderful saves to direct the ball to flutter down, but still caught is not strong, direct dispose.

Fortunately, no nearby Lazio player collusion, Cordoba ball free quickly out of the edges, forming a foul ball.

"Haha, Vieri completely Chiellini When monkeys playing, who is only 18 years old will we simply can not stop the Apennine chariot, the Yang Cheng turned out to with Sentimental players to freeze Vieste Lane, which is rather too great care of. "

"Race has just started less than 5 minutes, Vieri has two very good chance, Chiellini was a mess, but this is normal, because before no one heard that name!"

Yang Cheng see he kept shaking his head on the sidelines, the debut of this sub is really bad, twice playing.

"Lack of experience, coupled with the physical and unmatched ability are at a disadvantage, I am afraid not!" Bergomi is also the face of worries.

Yang Cheng do they know?

"Do not hurry Zambrotta change to the right?" Asked Paul? Bair.

Chiellini really not in accordance with the plan developed by the Yang Cheng before the game, put Zambrotta in exchange for right-sided, he play left guard, and then transferred to Cordoba to the middle, what  the results so that he than his play left back, come peace in the middle.

Of course, this Bianzhao only Yang Cheng and coaching staff know,nfl jerseys china, he certainly will not reveal the players know, especially Chiellini what  results will greatly impact his enthusiasm.