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What Jacket is this?

Jan 09, 2010 @ 14:44
I know this shot is from the Nike SB x Skate Metal collab, the shirt is part of the collab but what is the jacket? I'm guessing Nike but I can't find it.

Jan 09, 2010 @ 15:45
I think it's this one, correct me if I'm wrong du.


that jacket is amazing.
Jan 09, 2010 @ 16:27
fuck that is sick, anyone know anywhere else online that is selling it? they only have large left thanks

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Jan 10, 2010 @ 16:01
I dont think so, looks more like a wind breaker in the one I posted. Plus I found other shots of that one and it doesn't seem to look the same on the inside.
Jan 10, 2010 @ 16:28
It's the 3 in 1 Skate mental jacket.
You can take out the black lining and wear it like a baseball jacket.

I recently bought it and it's a real nice jacket.
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