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Official Varsity Jackets Thread

Jul 07, 2014 @ 23:37

Can someone id this blue varsity jacket for me please?

"That's right Domon..."

Nov 13, 2014 @ 07:31
Wheres the best place to get varsity jackets? im looking to get a nice one but nothing over $500. Anyone know any places or brands that have good jackets?
Nov 04, 2015 @ 00:49
Check out these Wholesale collections of varsity/letterman jackets. These are the collections from Oasis Jackets California, USA.

To get more collections catalogue. http://oasisjackets.com/catalogue/

Or Mail us on: webmaster@oasisjackets.com

Marketing Manager | oasisjackets.com

Aug 14, 2016 @ 15:49
Any new recommendations? I know varsity jackets fell out of trend, but it's still a classic look to me.
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