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Official How to Make Your Computer Fast, Efficient, and Clean Thread

Sep 24, 2008 @ 20:58

I stumbled upon that thread just earlier today, and I got the idea for this thread.

My computer is totally homosexual. Everytime I scroll through my folders, it always lags up and some Dr Watson DeBugger shit reports there's an error (I run XP currently).

So basically, I can't even go manually through my folders (My Pictures, Doc, etc.) without it lagging up and then the whole screen lagging out.

So for all of you tech-philes, post up suggestions and recommendations for stuff that you personally use (anti-spyware/virus, good programs, best freeware, web browsers, etc.).

(Note: how to make your computer fast, efficient, productive, and smooth)
Sep 24, 2008 @ 22:00
Can questions be asked in here?

Whatever I'll go anyways. So, my computer is full of memory in my C drive. Having no clue why, searching and searching, I don't see a reason for it to be so filled up. Then I stumble upon this super duper hidden file, COMPLETE in the C drive. So I get in... and find about 12 GB of weird Zip Files and about 55,000 files. Highlighting and deleting only gets me so far. So when I try to select all, then press delete, the folder freezes up.

How the hell can I get rid of all this shit?
Sep 24, 2008 @ 22:42
quickest thing is to defrag the harddrive and disk clean-up. go thru old programs and folders afterwards and delete/uninstall what you don't use anymore. get a program like tune-up utilities or something that goes into the registry to fix messed up programs that didn't uninstall completely. lastly run virus/spyware scan.
Sep 25, 2008 @ 07:36
Can questions be asked in here?


And I know people on here have some dope hookups/tweeks. Get at us.

It doesn't matter if the programs are freeware or you have to pay.
Sep 26, 2008 @ 07:39
The only thing you need is a 3rd party defrag, I use O&O Defrag 10 (I think 11 just came out), it's brilliant.

If you use a decent browser and aren't an idiot there shouldn't be any need for having an anti-virus app, they run up your resources and are (IMO) useless. Perhaps keep something like ad-aware around (it's free) just to keep an eye out for dodgy shit every now and again, plus it's light on the memory usage.

OT: Think about this, if windows was a perfect unhackable OS, or that all viruses were gone, what would all the anti virus companies do? This is a wild conspiracy theory I know, but i'm pretty sure a lot of viruses are made up to keep you updating their software and shit. Only now and then a really harmful virus like blaster and mylove attack systems, and even for them windows issues a patch further making anti-virus useless.

Rambling now..
Sep 26, 2008 @ 10:34
c cleaner. close thread.
Sep 26, 2008 @ 21:57
^yes and defragmenter or whatever its called.
Sep 26, 2008 @ 22:26
Sep 26, 2008 @ 23:19
Other programs that work wonders? (shit like photo/music/art-related, etc. etc.)
Sep 27, 2008 @ 00:11
photoshop for pictures
winamp for music
VLC media player for all forms of videos
Kaspersky anti-virus obviously for anti-virus
Utorrent for downloading via torrents
MagicISO/MagicDisc for mounting, burning and creating ISOs
DaemonTools Lite for mounting other formats that aren't supported by MagicISO
WinRaR for extracting shizz

pretty much essential programs that do a lot of different functions. winamp doesn't use a lot of resources, VLC is like an all in one video program. kaspersky is not heavy on resources either
Sep 27, 2008 @ 01:33
Would recommend AVG Anti-Spyware in place of Kaspersky?
Sep 27, 2008 @ 01:46
Would recommend AVG Anti-Spyware in place of Kaspersky?

AVG is good too but i like kaspersky. AVG is still better then norton or mcafee
Sep 27, 2008 @ 10:45
back up your shit
reformat your computer
put your files back on
openoffice - free office that is better than microsoft's, waaaay better. try it.

foobar - for music. the memory it uses is small and you can customize it to look like anything, and the sound output is above any other player.

gimp - it's like photoshop but free. if you want to pirate photoshop though go ahead.

pidgin - all in one messenger. very clean, simplistic interface. lots of cool plugins and shit too. if you use video chat, get the official messenger along with this though, cause it doesn't support video chat.

utorrent - best torrent client. uses only a small amount of memory and is easy to setup.

winrar/7zip - both are way good but winrar is an infinite trial and a little box will come up that you just have to hit close on, unless you pay for it.

nod32 - best virus protection
windows defender - best spyware protection

rainlender - calender program that sits on the desktop, very nice

firefox - obviously get this. good extensions are greasemonkey for all sorts of tweaks. stealther for looking at porn. adblock for blocking anything. ubiquity, which you hit crtl and a button, and firefox is now in textbased commands, which is really useful.

like you can type in weather 11849 (zipcode), and it'll come up. or type in email steve, and the window will pop up, or google water, and it'll google it. it's so dope.

reload every, you can set a page to reload every so period of time. good for watching shit on ebay. fireftp is good if you need a ftp client. oh and password exporter, if you want a file with all your passwords that is encrypted that you can just import into firefox, that's good too.

video downloader, to download flash videos off of basically any site.

oh and most important if you suck at using a computer - no script. it'll block most javascript but you can allow them manually, and you'll end up saving yourself from a lot of malicious attacks.

truecrypt - to hide any files, you can make a hidden, encrypted file that can be mounted as a passworded partition and then unmounted.

then just defrag your computer once every month or two, go to msconfig and then go to startup, and see what is checked there. do not check anything that you don't want running automatically.

go to services, hit hide microsoft services, and uncheck anything you do not want running.

hit crtl-alt-delete and go to processes. google all of them. see if anything looks funky. END TASK of anything you do not want running. it is a waste of memory and slowing down your computer.

organize your shit into folders and tag everything properly. don't make a mess out your computer.
Sep 27, 2008 @ 13:48
dude can you link me to that Gimp Photoshop thing?^^

i'd google it but i'm scared what i'll find when i google "Gimp" blinkyeyes


nevermind, i found it. i thought other people might want it too instead of pirating so here's the link

Sep 27, 2008 @ 21:52
I have all my computers at home running lean and mean.

First thing you might want to do is do a fresh install of Windows XP. Google how to do it, as it's everywhere online. You'll need to backup all of your important files, including your internet bookmarks. I always forget those haha.

Another thing I do is uninstall any programs you do not need. Alot of shit that comes with prebuilt computers is garbage and will slow down your computer. If you're unsure what a program does, Google it and decide.

A program that has already been mentioned, but I'll mention it again is Tuneup Utilities. It's a great program. It'll allow you to go through your startup programs to let you delete anything you don need from running again on startup. You can also clean up redundant files, clean the registry, as well as defrag and reduce your registry footprint.

Defrag your harddrive. Monthly is okay, but defrag weekly if you're downloading a lot of music/movies/photos/etc. Don't use the built in Windows defrag. it's garbage. Use either Diskeeper (you need to $$) or PerfectDisk (free). Both are leagues better.

One thing to do if you haven't, is adjust visual affects if you're using the default XP themes. Go to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Adjust visual affects. A box will come up with a whole lsit of boxes with check marks in them. UNCHECK all the boxes EXCEPT for the following: 1. smooth edges of screen fonts, 2. use common tasks in folders, 3. use drop shadows for icon labels, and 4. use visual styles on windows and buttons. That's it.

The programs I use are PerfectDisk for defrag, Tuneup Utilities for all-around, Advanced Disk Cleaner, and Windows built in disk cleaner under Performance and Maintenance.

For anti-virus, I use Avast! free edition. It does the job well, and it has a relatively small memory footprint.

Also, you may want to upgrade the amount of physical RAM in your machine. I'd suggest atleast 1GB, with the sweetspot being 2GB. If your computer uses older DDR RAM, it might be a tad expensive, but if it uses newer DDR2 RAM, it'll be a nice, cheap upgrade with noticeable results.

I could go on, but there are already hundreds of websites dedicated to this sort of stuff.
Sep 27, 2008 @ 22:08
Sep 27, 2008 @ 22:48
Does RAM necessarily make your computer run faster?

My computer is a Dell running on XP from 2002, and it only came with 512MB of RAM, which is really shit.
Sep 27, 2008 @ 23:05
^^Yeah, you need to upgrade that to at least 2GB.
Sep 27, 2008 @ 23:39
lol, yeah, as you can tell, I'm pretty much noob at this shit. I never knew about defrag and shit like that. I'm actually doing a disk cleanup right now, and apparently, it said it's gonna give me 4,100,000 KB of free space. I have no clue how much that is.

And back to what shinesolo said, I found a dope how-to video that seems pretty legit.

Sep 28, 2008 @ 00:04
Does RAM necessarily make your computer run faster?

My computer is a Dell running on XP from 2002, and it only came with 512MB of RAM, which is really shit.
512mb isn't exactly shit. It's okay at best. Post the exact Dell model so we can get you sorted.
Sep 28, 2008 @ 00:15
Dell Dimension 8300


Windows XP; Home Edition 2002; Service Pack 2
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79GHz, 512MB of RAM
Sep 28, 2008 @ 15:24
Dell Dimension 8300


Windows XP; Home Edition 2002; Service Pack 2
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79GHz, 512MB of RAM
I ran it through Crucial memory finder, and this 2GB kit comes up: Crucial 2GB Kit

For the price, it's good.. Lifetime warranty and all, and Crucial is some of the best. The memory paired with a good clean up of the operating system will provide a nice boost in performance. There is a 1GB stick available as well, for about 1/2 the price. However, with the Intel chipset you have, I'd recommend getting 2 identical sticks of memory (like the 2GB kit listed) to take advantage of the built in dual channel mode.

If the memory you have in your computer now is EXACTLY the same as the Crucial memory in terms of memory timings and speed, you would be able to use them for a nice 2.5GBs of memory.
Sep 28, 2008 @ 15:35
Thanks for the heads up.

And how would I go about putting this RAM in? Is it just like putting in a USB port? This is where my noob side comes out.
Sep 28, 2008 @ 16:33
It's a lot like putting in a USB port if you mean like a PCI card.

Open up your computer case, look at the motherboard, look for the RAM slots. Look for those two little nubs on the end of a slot, then push them down, the RAM will pop out. Pull it out gently.

Take your new RAM out gently. Make sure you have no static buildup. Align up the memory and push it in gently, but with some force. Close up your computer case.

Should all be fine.
Sep 28, 2008 @ 17:12
Get A Mac.
Sep 28, 2008 @ 17:17
Get A Mac.

Sep 28, 2008 @ 20:12
Get A Mac.
Why? The same shit can happen on a Mac too. Atleast with a PC you can actually do upgrades without have to pay out the ass and send your computer to Apple.
Sep 29, 2008 @ 14:52
Once you setup your computer exactly the way you want it, download Norton Ghost. It allows you to save an image of your computer, that way if/when you fuck it up, you can easily restore it back to its original state.
Sep 29, 2008 @ 18:19
That definitely looks interesting.

So on my list of (illegal) downloads is:

TuneUp Utilities
Photoshop CS3 (isn't CS4 coming out soon? )
deleting my old McAfee
Norton Ghost
get more ram and somehow move my hard drive which is currently stuck

Keep it coming, y'all.
Sep 29, 2008 @ 19:50
step 1
make sure it isnt a mac
step 2
make sure you dont download a virus
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