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The New Nike Dunk Low Premium Are Actually sold at Journeys

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 17:46

Went to Journeys on 34th Ave. in New York and they had these. Might plan on copping the plaid joints.

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 17:54
the plaid dunks have been on sale for a while at shoe gallery in miami. they don't look that hot in person IMO
Feb 23, 2006 @ 18:54
Don't really look that good imo. With the first ones, i can barely tell weather they are meant to be cowhide or cameo, and with the plaids, i just hate plaid -- as a patterned material, tweed is way nicer imo.

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 20:37
Neither look good in person or on the comp
Feb 23, 2006 @ 20:44
Word, those are whack :thumbsdown:
Feb 23, 2006 @ 22:23
those shoes are horrible..:thumbsdown:

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 22:38
I know peeps are hatin on'em, but I still copped for real cheap and paired'em up with some sb laces and a zoom air insole. Very comfy and they go with my camo volcom shorts.

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Feb 23, 2006 @ 23:47
plaids look too girly.. if only the plaid was blue or something..

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Feb 24, 2006 @ 00:28
^ the camos are not bad in that pic.
Feb 24, 2006 @ 01:47
those plaids look like some hot topic shits camos are koo tho

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Feb 24, 2006 @ 02:02
how much do they go for?

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Feb 24, 2006 @ 04:18
Originally posted by Inactive User
how much do they go for?

$80 i believe
Mar 22, 2006 @ 20:13
They're ok.
The only other plaid dunks I got were those x-mas pack that came out maybe 2 yrs ago?

Why can't they be gen. releases like in V.I.M or Dr. Jay's?!
Journey be chargin' a liiiil too much for simple stuff like that.

I don't know,but everytime I buy a pair of dunks for like 80 from a regular shmucky store and I look at the box and see the Suggest Retail Price:65.. it makes me go ugh.

But Oh well.
Mar 22, 2006 @ 20:18
Rather cop some SB;s for that price.
Mar 23, 2006 @ 00:14
^^^^co signs^^^^

And I don't think either one look that good in person. The camos, maybe, on a good day with the right lighting and outfit. The plaids ? Nah bruh, not even at christmas
Mar 23, 2006 @ 20:25
ehh, not really liking them either.. co-co sign on copping some SBs instead
Mar 23, 2006 @ 21:16
Originally posted by Inactive User
Rather cop some SB;s for that price.

same. i went by journeys the other day, passed on the camos, and later that day bought a pair of FCs for 70.

and the plaids would be alotalotalot nicer if the swoosh wasnt black.
Mar 23, 2006 @ 23:08
i work at journey's and i've seen pretty much all the ones they have out now...and they only ones that are half decent are the hemps and they have a grey/gum bottom joint out that is worth checkin out....but like you said i'd rather have a pair of sb's over these
Mar 24, 2006 @ 13:17
i got the plaids a while ago just to wear on rainy days so i dont have to mess up my sbs, i dont think they look that bad

Mar 24, 2006 @ 16:49
Did you stuff the tongue on those?
Mar 24, 2006 @ 21:16
stuffed tongues? sb laces? they look alot better with your customizations
Mar 25, 2006 @ 16:53
ya, stuffed tongues and sb laces. not bad for beaters
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