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Undft Dunks: IS IT WORTH IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Nov 12, 2006 @ 02:29
Just won this auction and see this dude got one feedback and the feedback is from an auction he bought the undefeated from. i been lookin for these, but let me get yall opinions. \\ you guys think the price is right?? $$277.00

* check out the 2nd auction and look at the right shoe. is there something wrong there?



2nd where he got them from:


Nov 12, 2006 @ 03:44
Yeah $277 is good

Inactive User

Nov 12, 2006 @ 04:12
wtf they cant be worth that much now ??

i sold mine for liek 190 ~3 months ago..
Nov 12, 2006 @ 04:21
i have seen some go for 320 nowdays
Nov 12, 2006 @ 13:05
$277 on a used pair?!?!?!!?!?...hellllz nah i rather use that dough on somethin else
Nov 12, 2006 @ 13:22
my friend got his ds from hypebeast for 230 shipped...ii sole my pair for 210 shipped...277 is a bit deep
Nov 12, 2006 @ 13:32
yeah dude you coulda got some cheaper ones, you just have to be patient and really search.
Nov 12, 2006 @ 19:51
277$ is crazyyyy. i would look around more i got mines for $230 shipped DS
Nov 12, 2006 @ 21:00
hmmm well the guy obviously realized something was wrong with them since he bought them for 320 and is selling them for cheaper. i recently got fucked on buying these kicks (i think) i have a feeling that the orange tag was ripped off because it wasnt in any pics. the person sold a bunch of sick kicks, then shut down theyre ebay account now i'm waiting to see if the shoes are actually going to come. i paid 255 for a size 7.
Nov 12, 2006 @ 21:14
I always like the color way on these but they are no Liner Dunks which are wick wick wack!
Nov 12, 2006 @ 21:47
You both got raped and with no vaseline.

Inactive User

Nov 13, 2006 @ 00:39
Originally posted by Inactive User
You both got raped and with no vaseline.

Nov 13, 2006 @ 08:51
not too bad for them, but I would ask why this guy is willing to sell them for so much less that for what he bought them. He def got raped and added the sand paper. I'm not into getting used gear, but to each their own!

if you like them, cop them and enjoy.
Nov 13, 2006 @ 11:40
270 sounds pricy homie
i wouldnt spend more than 250 on a pair
Nov 13, 2006 @ 17:38
youre an idiot for spending more than 200 bud...

edit: and if youre an 11-12, buy some of my kicks for those kinda prices...
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