Vans Vault, syndicate- discussion thread

Mar 25, 2012 @ 22:37
Where can i get these and what did they retail for?
Mar 27, 2012 @ 06:02
do you kop those dill vans at any place that sells syndicates?
Mar 27, 2012 @ 07:54
Syndicate accounts only.
Mar 28, 2012 @ 04:27
Mar 28, 2012 @ 04:59
Man.. I need a retailer that's not out of my way...

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Mar 29, 2012 @ 14:26
info on dill's?
Mar 29, 2012 @ 19:16
Dill's will be kopped...hopefully I can find them online as no syndicate retailers in my area
Mar 30, 2012 @ 00:43
anyone in san diego know of any other place besides pacific drive that carry syndicates?
Mar 30, 2012 @ 01:20
sad about selling a bunch of dunks but at least these came in today - decon cali matt black leather


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Mar 30, 2012 @ 07:56
I want those dills.
Mar 31, 2012 @ 05:38
think the jason dills will be sold out? might make a trip
Mar 31, 2012 @ 17:30
Hey everyone, i currently have some 003 & 005 FS

Also looking for some 005 size 10 authentics or sk8 hi's
Apr 01, 2012 @ 01:25
Fuck dude if I had cash I'd snatch those 003s
Anybody cop dills?
Apr 01, 2012 @ 01:38
Fuck dude if I had cash I'd snatch those 003s
Anybody cop dills?

not out yet. called a couple places unfortunately my usual syndicate spot is having issues with vans and arent getting them.
Apr 01, 2012 @ 02:36
Some places released them; lots of people been posting pick ups on other forums
Apr 01, 2012 @ 03:07
Some places released them; lots of people been posting pick ups on other forums
damn didnt know all the places around me said this week thanks for the heads up.
Apr 01, 2012 @ 04:34
Yea, a lot of place in Cali dropped them this week and I heard next week is most likely for most NY shops
Apr 02, 2012 @ 05:52
I'm gonna pick my pair up tomorrow I could probabley grab a pair for someone if they wanted one and can't find them
Apr 03, 2012 @ 02:42
whats the price on those jason dill vans??? the snakeskin ones
Apr 03, 2012 @ 04:53
SupLA had them for 87 out the door. There almost sold out and the aves are gone. I couldnt find anyother so cal shops with them.
Apr 03, 2012 @ 05:32
I called a couple shops today and no one had them. Garage and Jack's should start getting them this week or next though. Val Surf had them but they're probably all gone by now.
Apr 04, 2012 @ 13:00
Looks like Premier in Grand Rapids MI has 'em but in-store only.
Apr 04, 2012 @ 16:28
Yo! Anyone want to do a pickup for me? Ill pay $40 need sz: 12. The Cheetah..

Apr 04, 2012 @ 17:48
Where do those drop?
Apr 04, 2012 @ 18:46
Where do those drop?

They're supposed to drop at any shop with a Vans Syndicate account.
Apr 04, 2012 @ 19:51
Cncpt is the only place that has them but they dont take phone orders smh.
Apr 04, 2012 @ 20:09
Damnit, the only place in town that has a syndicate account doesn't have an account anymore... That was really my only chance, i guess now to wait for an online drop somewhere. Anyone knows a site that usually have syndicate drops?
Apr 04, 2012 @ 20:30
Syndicate's aren't allowed to be sold online. Some stores still do it anyway. A lot of Syndicate accounts do phone orders though.
Apr 04, 2012 @ 21:18
Damn bros you guys missing out. Thanks to Mikeyone4life you just reminded me i bought syndicates online before and went back to my old emails and found the email and website, went there and surprisingly found the jason dill packs. I'm pretty stoked now because i had no where close within 150 miles that was worth driving to pick these up.

EDIT: After ordering on the site when it was available, they changed it to "In Store Only" so i hope my order goes through now.

EDIT2: Timing is great! lol my order just shipped, too bad it's not available online anymore
Apr 05, 2012 @ 01:35
need some advice guys. trading my tiffany dunk lows and I have two offers on the table. 2001 Bred 1's. Or 2 pairs of wtaps wings, cream and black. Tough choice someone wanna help me out.
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