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[Gold Coin] - 2008 Discussion Thred

Apr 21, 2008 @ 15:34
Just thought id create a space for thoughts, discussion, and questions about GC. For the first time starting this spring our entire line is fully cut and sew including tees, sweats, jackets, hats, & denim. heres a few pics from our lookbook below. View the full collection at our myspace.

Apr 21, 2008 @ 16:56
please tell me your selling that plush chain
Apr 21, 2008 @ 20:06
we are working on development of the chain now. it should be available this summer.
Apr 21, 2008 @ 20:08
line lookin fresh
Apr 21, 2008 @ 22:32
damn! not really my style but i can def get behind it! great s/s GC !smokeyface
Apr 21, 2008 @ 23:22
very nice!
Apr 21, 2008 @ 23:52
i've been watching gold coin come up for a minute now. ive seen mack maine and young money wearin it too. keep it comin
Apr 22, 2008 @ 03:17
Chris showed me the varsity jacket .. so sick!!! great job on the line fellas
Apr 22, 2008 @ 10:25
Damn gold coin is getting fresher by the minute. Any words on the varsity jackets?
Apr 22, 2008 @ 11:15
glad to hear you guys are into it. as of now the only thing available from this season are the tees. the outerwear and hats will be coming sometime later this week. ill keep yall posted.
Apr 22, 2008 @ 12:13
gold coin is a breath of fresh air!!!
Apr 22, 2008 @ 13:01
Consider the chain copped!
Apr 22, 2008 @ 14:00
Gold coin has been in the game for about 1 1/2 -2 years or so?
Apr 22, 2008 @ 14:34
yup, since october 06.
Apr 22, 2008 @ 14:34
I'm happy to say that I have the US Distribution rights to gold coin. So if any of you Hypebeast Boutique owners wants a crack at the line holler at me please.
Apr 22, 2008 @ 14:52
i been on them for bout a year nah...i like how its exclusive but not bape(rape) prices and i always see somethin that is just clean and original
Apr 23, 2008 @ 21:20
if you want to check out the details on the varsity jacket it just got put up on the kazbah along with 5 new fitteds. its definitely my new favorite jacket.
Apr 24, 2008 @ 00:26
yeah gold coin is on the rise! Hmmm im going to wait for the varsity jacket. last winter i seen a bit of those but non really caught my eye besides the L-R-G lettermen. But yes deff copping. Big ups!
Apr 24, 2008 @ 08:04
new cold coin spring drop at karmaloop!
that 1 UP Varsity jacket up also, if u use a repcode u gonna get 20% off also at the check-out!


Apr 24, 2008 @ 11:45
I wish I didn't miss out on that munch tee way back in the middle of 07.

MN14088 for 20% on Karmaloop.com!

Apr 24, 2008 @ 23:29
that letterman is bananas
Apr 25, 2008 @ 04:22
that letterman is expensive tho.
Apr 25, 2008 @ 16:18
Collie ripped it last night in Santa Cruz.

Apr 27, 2008 @ 16:58
looks good. good job.
Apr 27, 2008 @ 22:04
tees are lookin nice
Apr 28, 2008 @ 01:04
we are working on development of the chain now. it should be available this summer.

haha that's crazy!

Big props on the line guys, I've been keeping my eye on GC since it was just a few tees to the full cut & sew line it is becoming today - and I'm definitely impressed with the quality and whole aura of the line. Dope shit

And for those of you that haven't seen how real graphics are made (not copy + pasted like most of streetwear out there) peep this video:

DiamondSupplyCo.com || @DennisTodisco on everything

May 07, 2008 @ 16:42
all our sweatshirts from our spring line just got posted online. a few different crews and zips. check them out here...


...our denim and 5-panels will be coming at the end of the week.
May 07, 2008 @ 16:50
thats a dope lil video
May 07, 2008 @ 16:51

...all custom cut & sew designs made with heavy weight 15oz. fleece.
May 07, 2008 @ 17:12
Thank you much for the package of goodies! We got one for you on the way.

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