What up, HB fam! Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Teddy Learned & a little over a year ago, I finally started my own brand, Learned Vices. I've lived in Las Vegas since I was 2 and graduated from UNLV, so most of the designs are inspired by LV culture, history & childhood memories. Also, 21% of all Learned Vices products sold are donated to local Las Vegas charities (Project Blackjack), so your support is greatly appreciaTED, not just by me, but by the LV community as well. Hoping to drop "Round 3" very soon, please follow on IG & Twitter for updates.

Store: LearnedVices.com
Instagram: @learnedvices
Twitter: @learnedvices

DJ Earwaxxx

DJ Presto One (Rock Steady Crew)

DJ Alie Layus (Playboy Playmate)

DJ Mike Attack

12th Planet

Bboy/DJ Relaps

DJ Kid Conrad


Oscar Wylde (Caked Up)