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[BONAFIDE] Winter 2013 Lookbook

Jul 08, 2013 @ 06:21

Sydney's in-house brand Bonafide presents their Winter 2013 Lookbook to commemorate their1 year anniversary. The brand staying true to their Heritage and producing all their apparel in Japan to ensure quality.

The brand offers hand-made 5-panel Camper Caps made from Twill, Canvas, Wool, Kofu (Kimono) and Leather with Suede or Leather peaks. They produced a Kofu program consisting of Vintage Kofu Fabrics aged between 100-150 years old found on their Pocket T-shirts and Camper Caps. Lastly, the present their specially made Reflective Print found on a series of pieces including their T-shirts, Crewneck Sweaters, Zip-up hoodies and Varsity Jacket.

Available now exclusive at Bonafide.
Full lookbook HERE

Shop 4, 27-33 Goulburn St.
Sydney NSW 2000


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