Here is a store called “Lavish & Squalor” based out of Toronto,
Canada. It’s a well known boutique that has three floors and has been in
the game for fifteen years.  They carry brands such as Brixton,
Penfield, etc.  And, when they decided to take Nine in for consignment,
we considered it as a huge leap forward for our brand.
Here’s the story.
On September 24th, 2012 we shipped our hats and hoped for the best
.It was confirmed a week after that they were on the floor and ready to
sell. Considering it was consignment, profits that were going into our
pockets are not going to be received for the first two months; fair
enough. As the months progressed, we were receiving updates that the
hats were selling and doing really well. However, when it came to pay
day, the updates stopped coming and the answering machine was our only
connection to the other line.
We didn’t know what was going on and sooner or later we found out
that they have financial issues. The majority of what they carry is
under consignment only because they cannot afford to buy wholesale or
pay for brands that they already carry. Thus, they take small brands in
,like us, make the profit of what we delivered, and we never hear from
them again . We tried calling, sending emails or leaving voice mails,
but no return. And right after that we found that the store was broke on
national TV. Here the link.
This is our story, just wanted to share it was all of our readers and
brands that follow us. So if one day you think about putting your
merchandise in that store, either do it wholesale or nothing. Thanks for
Nine Co-Founder/Creative Director