Live In The Limelight was born from the desire to juxtapose the
unparalleled quality and essence of luxury goods with the eye-catching,

creative, raw perspective of street fashion. We take and apply this mind frame to each concept, design, and piece we produce.

release is extremely limited in quantity to no more than 100 pieces,
and embodies the characteristics of conversancy through the usage of
unique and rare materials.

The Cap features an all black beautiful python textured leather upper and strap back.

On front, is our embossed 'LITL' logo on black leather.

Strap also features a gold buckle.

It also has a nice red leather under-brim.

It is available for preorder on our online store

and will be available early Feb at Proper Reserve boutique downtown Toronto, Canada.

Proper Reserve

498 Queen Street West.

Toronto, ON M5V 2B3



For sales/business inquiries contact