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Anyone know how many BAPE-GENERAL MADE jackets were produced?

Mar 23, 2006 @ 21:00

Anyone know how many of these jackets were produced to be sold?

If not this jacket, about how many jackets/hoodies/t-shirts are usually produced?

500, 1000, 3000?
Mar 24, 2006 @ 01:17
I guess about 100-150 of those Jackets were made. I think that for regular tee shirts about 200 are made of each colorway of each design.
Mar 24, 2006 @ 15:30
noo not 200. im pretty sure in nigo's interview he said something like 3000 of each item is made.
Mar 25, 2006 @ 03:06
nah catony is right. in the inteview he says he sells thousands of shirts total, but only a few hundred of each design is produced. and im sure this is true for his other stuff too.
Mar 25, 2006 @ 04:46
There are about 15 small BWS and each of them got 3-6 of those jackets. Then you have BWS Harajuku, Bapexlcusive, BWS NY, and BWS London which probably got slightly larger alotments. Mabey 15 at Harajuku and Bapexclusive and 6-10 in NY and London.

Very rough guesses but for a Jacket like that most BWS don't even get a full size run. They might get like 1 Small, 2 Medium, 1 large and that's it. And for any single color of any single teeshirt design they don't get much more than 5 peices at the regular BWS and probably less than 15 at the bigger places.
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