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[Triumvir] – 2013 Official Discussion Thread

Jan 06, 2013 @ 06:00
PM'd for all outerwear.
Jan 06, 2013 @ 18:26
Answered all pms....

I wonder when the next drop is going to be. Triumvir camp has been awfully silent...
Jan 06, 2013 @ 19:05
^Gems . Hope transactions go well.

Word. Armando or Richard should officially bless this thread with an update or a preview.
Jan 06, 2013 @ 20:36
Kmizzle is a straight up good dude.  You guys better be happy I didn't snatch up them items.  
Jan 06, 2013 @ 20:47
I want a shadaloo patch lol

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Jan 06, 2013 @ 21:13
I want psycho brigade patch
Jan 06, 2013 @ 21:38
I want this

DAAAMN YOU BRANDOONNN!!! (shaking fist)
Jan 07, 2013 @ 01:45
Has anyone else gotten package from Triumvir with stickers and stuff?? 
Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:33
Yes, I got one a week ago. Stickers are on my phone like i showed on the first page.
Jan 07, 2013 @ 02:57
Collection battle muhfukkas

 I'm callin you out M!

Who the BLUCK... WANT... WHAT? 

... and yeah I got a sticker pack. Months ago tho.
Jan 07, 2013 @ 07:31
Lol. Whaattttttt? Don't wake up a sleeping giant. :p
And btw I didn't get nothing from Triumvir. I have one of the biggest collections and I gets nada wtf is going on lol.
Jan 07, 2013 @ 07:35

Jan 07, 2013 @ 07:38
I need some food I'm 
Jan 07, 2013 @ 08:32
Spoke with Armando the other day and he clued me in on a bunch of stuff. I dont know what I can and can't say but there is a lot of creativity going on behind the scenes - a mixture of punk, graffiti, japanese style, etc. which can only benefit the brand as they make their choices.

Triumvir is dedicated to staying "333%" independently owned, which is a big thing for them, so releasing a ton of stuff is hard for them. while they have the name and branding, it's essentially like starting a brand from scratch... for the second time.

Luckily they have a dedicated staff, with Richard and Armando pouring as much time as they can into the brand after working at Orisue and CakedOut. 

I was assured 2013 would be a big year for triumvir - no promises of lion parkas or warrior division jackets just yet, but they truly appreciate all the support we've been giving them. I visited Richard half a year ago, and he was operating from his garage. I think they've moved to a slightly bigger space in Santa Ana now, which only means good things. 

While I'm not one of the older members, nor an OG head, I pride myself with being a die hard triumvir fan and I know i'll support them this year in whatever endeavors they face. 

"The Die is Cast"
Jan 07, 2013 @ 19:37
Jan 07, 2013 @ 20:15
Thanks kmizzzzzz 
Jan 07, 2013 @ 20:18
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Jan 07, 2013 @ 23:00
^ Someone better jump on that shadaloo and constantine(wish it was my size) 
What's your size, my good man? I've got an XL Constantine in the closet that I can't wear anymore since I slimmed down too much. I swear I should of just stayed fat so I could fit in all my gear.
Jan 07, 2013 @ 23:13
Small =(

fuck 10 char lol

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Jan 08, 2013 @ 01:02
Pmed ill. Lmk what's good.  Thanks 
Jan 08, 2013 @ 01:36
xl constantine bomber? Shhhiiiit If you dont come up on that M, i will lol
Jan 08, 2013 @ 02:58
Yup. Already spoken for.  blushing
Jan 08, 2013 @ 22:27
Wore my Triumvir porn tee.  People was looking and trying to figure out.  Is that what I think it is.  Hahahahah
Jan 09, 2013 @ 04:20
Ill check yo messages.  I have replied.  
Jan 09, 2013 @ 15:28
Yup. Already spoken for.  
Jan 09, 2013 @ 19:33
Well hello fam.

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Jan 09, 2013 @ 20:40
Well it's about damn time Armando blushing time to post up some sneak peeks for the new stuff.  
Jan 10, 2013 @ 03:15
Well it's about damn time Armando time to post up some sneak peeks for the new stuff.  
Hahaha this guy. We're planning a drop for the end of this month, stay tuned...

MVMT: Digital Partnerships • IG: @armandosaysno

Jan 11, 2013 @ 11:09
Anyone have the M42 Jumper in Medium?
Jan 11, 2013 @ 19:09
Stumbled across this. Not sure how up to date the stock is though. Just thought I'd share since they're fairly cheap.


EDIT: Their social networks haven't been active since 2011 and at checkout it shows that their certificate for the website has expired. 
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